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Breaking Bread

Written By Brittney Gilleland. Media added by Sean McFarland.


Photo by Greenville College Events.

Photo by Greenville College Events.

Last Wednesday morning, students gathered in the gym for a chapel that they wouldn’t forget. With the aroma of fresh baked bread in the air and the anticipation of what was to come stirring in their hearts, everyone waited for what had been named the Bread Breaking Chapel.


After being lead in a few songs, hearing a few scriptures, and gaining a better understanding of what community is, students began to take loafs of bread and break them with each other.




Greenville College has been known to throw around the word community, and few students have an understanding of what it truly means. Chaplin Lori Gaffner explained to students that Christian community doesn’t just happen, it requires hard work, patience, forgiveness, understanding, and bearing with one another.

Photo by Greenville College.

Lori Gaffner speaking at chapel
Photo by Greenville College.


We are a Christian community. It didn’t just happen. It has taken years and years of hard work to get this institution to where it is today. So many patient people have joined together to create the atmosphere that we know and love today. Many have had to learn how to forgive and be forgiven on this very campus, within this very community, and have had to have understanding to do so. Over the years, bearing with one another, this Christian community, this glorious place that we have all grown to love, has been created.


Wednesday, students were called to be a part of building of this community being built in Greenville. As we took loaves of bread around the gym asking others to take a piece of our bread, sharing a conversation, some for the first time, some with old friends, and some with people who we have not spoken to in months and in some cases years, God’s grace and love began to work within our community.


A simple smile over a piece of bread was just the beginning; the community building doesn’t have to stop just because chapel is over. As we continue with the semester, and the school year, may we continue to create a place where hard working, patient people dwell, forgiveness happens, understanding takes place, and together we bear with one another to create a community that will last far into the future.

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  • Shelia Ottwell

    Brittney is amazing…..She is so inspiring to me and always has been…..definetly a great role model for anyone wanting to better themselves and look in God’s eyes and follow him… ya girl…..

  • Anonymous

    Brittney is my very special and talented Granddaughter. It has always been instilled in her that she could do anything she wanted to do if she tried hard. She has accomplished that. In her writings she believes everything she puts in to words. She is very committed to Greenville college and to the ministry. I am so proud of her. May God bless and keep you Britt.


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