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The Barbershop: NFL Week 11



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Written by Isaac Barber. Media by Ryan St. Hill.

There always comes a time when a person has to realize that the end is near. Well, the NFL regular season is almost over. I came to this realization  Monday when I witnessed a Stuffies commercial on a nationally televised program, but we will get into that later.


Josh McCown

photo by Jessi Miller Genty Images

photo by Jessi Miller Genty Images


For those of you that do not quite know who McCown is, he is the Bears backup quarterback. With the injury of Jay Cutler, he has won two starts in a row, keeping the Bears in the playoff conversation, and potentially a conference title. However, McCown still remains the backup quarterback, and whenever Cutler becomes healthy, McCown will be back on the bench with his clipboard and headset. What makes matters worse for McCown is that because of his age, it will be really difficult for NFL teams to give him a fair look to quarterback their team in the future.

Kansas City Chiefs

photo by Devin M.

photo by Devin M.


Before Sunday, the Chiefs were undefeated, and on paper they were the best team in the NFL. Once you realize that no one plays football with a sheet of paper in their hands, you realize that the Broncos are the best team in the NFL. However, the Chiefs had the opportunity to show that they were (at least) the top dogs of the AFC West. But… they did not. The Broncos were just too much for the Chiefs to handle. The Chiefs were exposed in many ways, but then again, who doesn’t Peyton Manning expose.

The Cheese Head in the State farm Commercial

photo by

photo by


Everyone knows that guy from the State Farm commercial that emphatically screams through windows “Hey Aaron Rodgers! Discount Double Check!” The Packers are that team in the NFL that always seems to have injuries in key positions, but they always find a way to be a top tier team in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NFL when they have Aaron Rodgers. This is the one injury that they will not be getting over until he comes back. There is a term that people often like to use, “everyone is replaceable.” Well, that is a lie. Just ask the Packers and the Discount Double Check guy.


Eli Manning

photo by Sports Illustrated

photo by Sports Illustrated


Eli has one of the league’s worst QBR’s, and he is the quarterback of one of the preseason’s most overhyped offense in the NFL. Statistically, Eli Manning is one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. However, Eli still has a job that he is in absolutely no danger of losing, and it will probably remain this way until he retires.

Last Year’s Replacement Refs


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This past weekend we saw two of the worst calls that we have seen this year. One came in the Saints game, in which Ahmad Brooks sacked Drew Brees and forced him to fumble. The 49ers recovered, only to be overturned by the referees because of an absurd roughing the passer call. The other questionable play was an obvious pass interference call that came at the end of the Monday Night Football game. A flag would have given the New England Patriots a chance to win the game, but the referee that picked up the flag inadvertently picked it up and ran off the field as time expired. The replacement refs of last year are winners for the simple fact that they can look at this weekend and say “Hey guys, we weren’t actually that bad”.



While you were upset about the “no call” that cost the Patriots a chance to win the game this week, I was pouting because of the Stuffies commercial that appeared on my television. How does ESPN allow Monday Night Football to be interrupted by a Stuffies commercial? It is simply absurd that this madness was on my television for two minutes. As painful as it is for me to say, it is marketing genius from the minds at Stuffies. The Panthers-Patriots game had over 15.7 million viewers this past Monday night, being one of the most watched programs of the weekend. So despite ESPN’s loss in allowing this madness to appear on my television set, Stuffies did a great job hacking the ESPN network, and playing there obnoxious commercials.




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