GC Speaks: Senior Plans

Graphic by: Charley Phillips

Written by Betsy Wagoner. Media by Charley Phillips.


Four years spent at GC goes very quickly, and as a senior I can say this from experience. As a freshman, you have some pretty amazing dreams, but as a senior you have the opportunity to finally make those dreams a reality. Usually over the course of four years those dreams you had as a freshman become shaped and molded into different, more realistic dreams that can still be attainable. Moving across the world seems like a great idea at the age of 18, but when you’re 22 you realize that finances are more of a roadblock than you thought they would be. Even with that being said, seniors at GC are aware of the fact that God can lead us anywhere and will provide a way if He sees fit. Watch the video below to see what some of the GC seniors’ plans for their futures are!




Media by Charley Phillips
Media by Charley Phillips
Title Graphic
Media By: Charley Phillips
Media By: Charley Phillips
Media By: Charley Phillips


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