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Written by: Levi Jubelt; Media by: Steven Potter

Have you been to any events over the past year, sponsored by a group called the Mosaic Club? Have you wondered what the Mosaic Club is about? This installment of Campus Profile will inform you of everything you need to know about this organization.

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The Mosaic Club is a student-led organization that seeks to bring together a variety of people and cultures. The goal of the Mosaic Club is to bring people from all walks of life together; to give everyone a chance to hang out, chill, and have fun with someone new. Mosaic Club President, Malvin Hubbard, said, “When you think of a mosaic you think of those stain glass mirrors that have many different colors and pieces. So, what Mosaic Club wants to do is bring all genres of people straight, gay, whatever color, whatever nation together.”

The Mosaic Club is a fairly new group on campus. Just recently it became a fully recognized organization. Hubbard wrote a constitution for the club, stating what the group wants to accomplish and then presented it to the student senate for approval. The club consists of 25 members including a cabinet of people who plan and manage the events. Ariel Wright is the vice president, Andrea Freeman handles the club’s digital media and Iyeesha Deberry works as secretary. Paris Grimmett is the group’s chaplain and Pedro Valentin, dean of Multi-Cultural Affairs, oversees the whole organization.

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The events that the Mosaic Club hosts are fun and entertaining so that everyone who attends can have a good time with a variety of new people. One event that they hosted back in September 2014 was the Grill and Chill where everyone was invited to come out for food, music, and entertainment. Their most recent event was Gymsomnia: Heroes vs. Zombies on March 27. This event gave every student the chance to come together to play recreational and non-recreational activities as well as partake in delicious food.

The event began at 10 p.m. and ended at 2 a.m. Junior Annie-Lee Reyes, G.C. student, stated, “It was extremely fun and worth being up late for. I got to play a ridiculous game of volleyball where my team would give you a high five even though you didn’t score a point; there was even a rap battle later on! I believe the event was a total success because everyone was participating in something and throughout the whole night you could just hear abundant laughter and conversation happening.”

The Mosaic Club wants to bring people together through a variety of fun and entertaining activities. Hubbard doesn’t think these events are anything special, but he believes that they are the right thing to do in accordance with the group’s mission. The club is sure to have many enjoyable things planned for the future so if you didn’t get a chance to go to Gymsomnia be sure to keep an eye out for the next event flyer.

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