One Hit Wonders: Showcasing Talent

Photo by: Steven Potter

Written by Morgan Johnson. Media by Steven Potter.

We think we know people. Well, after the One Hit Wonder event, everyone was seriously dumbfounded. Talent is bursting from the seams of this school. For those of you who do not know what happened, One Hit Wonders was an event contest where students signed up to be randomly chosen into bands and had 48 hours to plan and perform their songs at the concert in LaDue that Saturday. A panel of judges would comment on each performance and at the end a band was chosen winner – the prize being a $25 gift certificate of their choice for each member.

Photo by:Steven Potter
Photo by:Steven Potter

Isaiah Barnfield, the CRE of Joy Hall led this particular event. He was very pleased with how it went in the following statement, “I thought the night was fantastic because we fulfilled GC learning outcomes by planning a program that engaged culture, fostered creativity, and compelled student to collaborate and communicate. It’s always exciting to see how learning can take place through experiences outside of the classroom. The bands really displayed the raw talent of GC musicians from not only the music department, but also several other educational departments.”

Several bands performed and they included a widespread of people who are not pursuing music as an actual career. One of the bands included Aaron Philip, Randy Mueller

Nate Brown, Brian Connelly and Quinn Johnson. Following that, another group consisting of Kaleb McCullough, Josh Thomas, McKinley Watson, KJ Roelky and Thomas Hajny. The third band consisted of Jacob Jones, Jacob Burrell, Daryl Seals and Aleah Jenkins.

Photo by: Steven Potter
Photo by: Steven Potter

Brian Gertler, Micah Linneman, Daniel Findley, Nic Gundy and Johnny Barker performed Bust A Move by Young MC. While Trey Brockman, Blake Hummel, Karli Widmer, James Bernhardt and Joseph Watson performed Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade. It was such a fun night watching people showcase their hidden talents! Each band had a great chemistry and fantastic energy.

There were several cover song choices including Stacy’s Mom, Absolutely, Call Me Maybe and many more that the audience recognized. It was a great opportunity to hear some wonderful music that brought us back through our childhood. The whole venue was extravagant, with beautiful lights set up, a crowd of cheerful audience members, and a juice bar in the back with plenty of different drink choices including the Austin Stephens. Which was sold out by the end of the night!

After hearing each band perform, the panel of judges would comment on the performance. There was Simon Powell, also known as

Photo by:Steven Potter
Photo by:Steven Potter

Jakob Adam, Ross Baker and Naomi Brown. After such hard critique, which the bands took really well, the next line up was chosen. The band consisting of Kyle Freeze, Brian Connelly and Mandy Pennington won with their performance of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

Overall, this event was very well done. It felt like being at a show of America’s Got Talent! People enjoy hearing live music, and seeing the talent at this school only boosts morale for our home even more. If you have a talent, be encouraged to know that Greenville College strives to help you showcase it.


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