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GC All-College Hike 2015

Written by: Stephanie Rodriguez Media by: Aaron Phillips  

Source: WGRN

Source: WGRN

On Wednesday, September 16, the GC community gathered to celebrate the new school year through a 5.3 mile hike from Whitlock to Durley Youth Camp along with other various activities. In order to get everyone to come, classes did not meet on that day. The GCPC marching band played music by the alumni house while everyone congregated. President Filby proceeded to pray around 8:55 a.m. and then everyone began running, walking or biking. The band marched down College Avenue, playing tunes and cadences while the auxiliary team performed their parade routine.
Junior Brianna Cox ran with the cross country team, she stated, “I definitely enjoyed the hike. I think it was a great day for students to take a break, get outside and be active. One of my favorite activities was having the opportunity to successfully build a boat from cardboard and duct tape.”
Upon arriving to Durley, GCSA had several things set up for students to partake in. The set up for the Opportunities Fair had several changes this year. Senior Katie Wallace stated, “Ilike how it was set up because there wasn’t a lot of people gathered in one area in the main room. It was easier to get around to the different booths to see all of the exciting opportunities there are available on campus.” Students were encouraged to visit a variety of booths and speak with the people involved. After doing so, they received a star sticker that went on a tiny card. After getting 10 stars on a card – with the student’s name and ID – students put it into a box to enter a raffle for a Jo’s Java gift card.
Students were encouraged to vote for senate, and after doing so they received a free yellow T-shirt with the All College Hike logo. After hiking and talking to many people, students became hungry and Sodexo provided lunch for the entire GC community. They served potato salad, kettle chips, beans,chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, watermelon, cookies and lemonade.
Freshman Allison Perry, a commuter, stated, “I think the games were a great idea! I did the egg toss and it was really fun. Since I am a commuter, I haven’t had many chances to be involved, so I am glad I had an opportunity to meet new people while playing some of the games at the All College Hike.” Grad student Alexa Campbell and Junior Emily Britt won the egg toss competition.The following are some of the games GCSA planned;
                                                    Egg Toss                          Volleyball Game

                                                    CardBoard Boat Races    Ultimate Frisbee

                                                    Messy Twister                   Tug of War

                                                    Field Games                      Canoeing
Source: WGRN

Source: WGRN

The afternoon did not end without the community gathering together for chapel. Speaker Erin Avery,a GC senior, talked about identity. She said, “The main emphasis of what I spoke on in chapel was identity and what goes into that, like how the people that surround us can shape who we are, that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that it’s ultimately okay to not have everything figured out. Rather, it is more important to remember that God has given you gifts to pursue and decipher who you are and who you want to be. Due to the fact that I’m a senior and only have a short time left at GC, it was a really sweet start to a last year here. I really enjoyed speaking at All College Hike. It’s a lot more of a unique set of circumstances and location, which made it feel more relaxed and comfortable.” The All College Hike gave many the opportunity to relax and enjoy participating with friends on a sunny day.

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