High School VS College Reviewed by Momizat on . Written and media by Kelsey Neier. [divide] It wasn’t that long ago when all of us college students were once in high school. However, thinking back that far it Written and media by Kelsey Neier. [divide] It wasn’t that long ago when all of us college students were once in high school. However, thinking back that far it Rating: 0
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High School VS College

Written and media by Kelsey Neier.

It wasn’t that long ago when all of us college students were once in high school. However, thinking back that far it seems like it was an eternity. My first day was rough. I had to stand outside in the freezing cold while I waited for the bus. There were a couple of older kids around me spitting slews of cuss words back and forth between each other. I stood there frozen, wanting to run back home and rethink this whole school idea. I still remember the first time I walked into my high school as a bright eyed freshman with map in hand. I took those first steps inside and the first thing I heard was “move freshman!” as an older looking male pushed past me. So this is high school, I thought to myself. Now that I’m in college I realize just how little high school mattered and how much I love college.

Beautiful picture of our campus. Source:bing.com

Beautiful picture of our campus. Source:bing.com

In high school I was surrounded by name brand clothing. Hollister, Abercrombie, Nike, Adidas, and Aeropostale clones walked from class to class. I won’t lie, I was one of them who was just trying to fit in and belong. Those brands were all the rage back then and if you weren’t wearing them people viewed you as an outcast. Now that I’ve grown up and matured I’m pleased to say I’ve given those clothes away. I now wear clothes that are based on my own personal style. I don’t walk around anymore with a logo or brand name slapped across my chest on a t-shirt. I mix and match things from various stores and I am happy wearing what makes me happy.

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In high school who you sat with for lunch was a big deal. When you looked around the room you saw different groups of people. If you sat alone, people felt sorry for you. Sometimes they would stare and talk to their friends while looking at you. Other times they would come up and invite you to sit with them at their table. I had a group of friends I sat with every day, but looking back we really didn’t have that much in common. I haven’t talked to them for a very long time. In college, everyone is running on their own schedule. Students grab a bite at the Dining Commons, Union, or Jo’s Java before heading back to class. In college, no one cares if you sit by yourself and do your own thing. I don’t mind sitting alone and working on homework or reading.

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High school teachers at my school were nice and well educated. Our school had a lot of teachers who made class really fun, especially in the history and English wings. Students would enjoy some teachers who made the class fun, but wouldn’t go grab coffee and talk about life with them. There were some teachers who told the class they could come talk to them about any problems they were having. However, for the most part, students’ lives and teachers’ lives stayed separate. In college, professor and student relationships are completely different. I’ve had classes where the professor invited us to her house and we would watch movies and had discussions on them afterward. I’ve had lunch with professors where we just talked about life, work and classes. Professors at Greenville College really care about you and want to help you grow and succeed in life. They want you to achieve all that God has planned for you.

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High school taught me to blend in and get by in life. College taught me to mature, grow in my faith and become more independent. I like being able to plan my day and do what I want. I enjoy the freedom I have now. I have found the balance of finding time for God, family, friends and work. I keep busy but I’m happy knowing that I’m doing what God wants me to do with my major. High school felt like a foreign place where people just tried to fit in. Finally, in college I figured out what I’m called to do with my life and how I can spread God’s love to others. College has changed me for the better. I’m content with my life and know that I still have a lot of growing to do, but God is working on you and I every single day. I’m blessed to be a part of Greenville College.

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