Finding Christ in Technology

Media By: Dylan Goodyear

In a world that focuses on the next latest and greatest innovation, our eyes are drawn towards flashy gizmos and gadgets. Whether it is the new Apple iPhone or a new state-of-the-art prosthetic limb for amputees, these technological advancements have the potential to make our lives better. But when we see these advancements, what do we think of? Generally, we may think about their uses or applications in our world. Or, we may focus on the great contributions and impacts they can have on our world. These are great things to remember and think about as we look towards innovating ideas and technological advancements. But, what if we saw things through a different lens? What if we looked for God in these technological products?

Media By: Dylan Goodyear

When you think about it, technology is not a direct creation of God. Having said that, it is interesting to think about technology as in an indirect creation of God. After all, God created us with minds. We are created to be beings with the innate ability to think, do, and construct. While we may not have original thoughts and ideas in themselves, we have the ability to learn and to grow. Through that God has impacted the world of technology. So, when you see the next Apple iPhone in Walmart, Target, or online, I would encourage you to stop and think about the way the human mind is designed. Think about how intricately wired we are and how God orchestrated that. It is the same with computers, or televisions, or even artificial intelligence. If you think an iPhone is complex internally, try and imagine just how more infinitely complex our minds are! It is insane to think about these things and it leaves me speechless every time. We have been given minds that we haven’t even begun to truly understand. Minds that enable us to build, program, design, and construct new technology and bring it into the world.

Media By: Dylan Goodyear

It is also incredibly interesting how technology has had negative connotations with it. Humans are fallible creatures and the things we create are not always good. But that does not necessarily mean technology is not good either. God can work miracles through this technology and allow us the chance to improve the quality of life for many people. In churches He allows us to connect better with a worship service through instruments. We are able to hear the pastor in bigger churches due to microphones and audio systems. We are even able to share the love of Christ with others through videos and design. God can use all of these things for good, even if the medium isn’t perfect.

In medical applications technology is life-saving! We can monitor heart rates, perform surgeries, provide health care to those who need treatment, and even help treat cancer. X-ray technology, prosthetics, and other technological advancements allow us to help in the healing process and ensure that we have longer-lasting and better lives. These things don’t replace God, and they aren’t meant to, but we can still see God’s hand working through them. As Christians, this should be our goal: to spread the love of God and bring Him glory through the creation and application of technology. He can and will use it. We can bring others to Him through using technology responsibly.

Media By: Dylan Goodyear


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