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Be The Match Donor Registry

WHAT: On October 22nd and 23rd, friends of the Ulmer family are hosting a donor registry drive to raise awareness about the need for marrow donors, and to perhaps find a matching donor for 64-year-old David Ulmer and many other patients like him. ...

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Conversation with the Radicals

Written by Maria Koppelberger. Media added by Sean McFarland. As a part of Global Impact Week, The Office of World Missions and Outreach hosted an evening event called “Meet the Radicals” at the Burritt fire pit. The Radicals represented various mission organizations located throughout the world. Inner City Impact focuses on underprivileged youth in Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Church work in the Middle East, Blood:Water Mission works in Africa, and Wycliffe Bible translators work all over the globe. In addition to the representatives, Christy Dashiell, Coordinator of World Missions and Outreach, several outreach-minded student leaders, and a variety of students came to join the conversation. Nathan Hood, President of GCSA, got a fire started in the fire pit, Christy brought drinks from Jo’s, and we all settled in for a great time of reflecting on missions work. ...

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Great Day of Service

Written by Gina Brooks. Media added by Sean McFarland. Every year, all of the churches in Greenville, team up to put on a wonderful event: the Great Day of Service. This annual event is arranged by the Ministry Alliance, of which every pastor in Greenville is a part. Each Great Day of Service, the mission is something a bit different, from picking up trash to renovating a house, but the overarching goal is ...

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Coffee with TED

When most of us hear the name “Ted”, we think of our childhood teddy bear, or maybe our slightly awkward uncle. Well on Fridays at 3:30 in Jo's Java, “Ted” means something a little different. TED is a non profit that has been focused on spreading Ideas Worth Spreading since 1984. ...

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Latin Dance Night: A Defining Piece of Culture

The starry night sky twinkled above the hanging lights on Whitlock patio as the instructor directed us to hold the hands of our partner in front of us. I used to take dance lessons and was a member of my junior high’s dance team, but I was a little rusty since it had been years since I have done any choreographed dance. Still, I was ready to learn a small piece of culture at Wednesday night’s Latin Dance Night. ...

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Global Impact Week Events

Global Impact Week is a time for students to learn about opportunities to serve the community, both close and far from home. Missions organizations supported by the Free Methodist Denomination, local churches, and Greenville College will speak to students about how to get involved, big and small. Here is a list of events for this year’s annual Global Impact Week: ...

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15 Things You May Have Missed at the All College Hike

15 Things You May Have Missed at the All College Hike Written by Rebekah Dothager. Media by Noah Henry. The Opportunities Fair: I sure hope no one missed this because there were businesses and campus organizations promoting what they do and several even gave out free stuff! Let’s be real, who does not like free stuff?! The Basketball Team: If you opted to drive out to Durley instead of walk, run, or bike, y ...

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Greenville Art Walk: A Celebration of our Local Artists

The Greenville community gathered this Saturday, September 21, for its annual celebration of local artists. Artisans from the town of Greenville extending out to the greater St. Louis area spent the evening sharing their craft with the community. Main events included the Piety Choi Art Exhibition, Our Common Ground Artists Guild, as well as “Glitch Art” displayed in the College’s Digital Media Center. ...

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