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Guide to Surviving the Greenville Music Scene

It’s no secret to everybody who attends Greenville college that there is a lot of music that lives here, many aspiring artists that are refining their craft and a large collection of potential audio engineers. To accompany all of that, almost all people enjoy music; some enjoy it more than others, but there is a place for music in all of us. ...

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Clannad Review

To start, I’d like to declare that Clannad is my personal favorite anime series of all time. That isn’t to say that everyone will absolutely love this series, but it is definitely worth at least a try, especially if you’re into the slice of life genre. ...

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Review

The Wolf Among Us is an episodic graphic adventure game developed by Telltale Games. For those unfamiliar with Telltale Games, they’ve adapted several series into adventure games; most notable is the adaptation of The Walking Dead series. For those who are familiar with Telltale Games The Walking Dead video game series, The Wolf Among Us plays much the same. ...

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More Pros of the Con

This year, I again attended Wizard World’s Saint Louis Comic Con. This was their second year doing this, and it was a huge improvement from the year before. There were more celebrities, bigger panel rooms, bigger show room floor, more artists, and more comics. Of course, even though all of this was amazing, it seems what really made my weekend was one specific celebrity by the name of Manu Bennett. ...

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Kill La Kill Anime Review

Before watching Kill la Kill I would have defined the words legendary and epic very differently, but Kill la Kill made such an impression on me that from here on out I will forever be reminded of Kill la Kill when an individual utters those words. From the fantastic animation, complimentary soundtrack, all the way to fantastical scenarios and enduring charm, Kill la Kill is an absolutely phenomenal piece of ...

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D.N.Angel Review

I picked up the first volume of the D.N. Angel manga series a little over 8 years ago based on a recommendation. I wasn’t initially impressed, but decided to give the second volume a shot. I was hooked ever since, collecting the 13 volumes released in the US, and the 26 episode Anime series adapted from the manga. ...

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier follows none other than Captain America(Chris Evans) as he finds out who he really needs to trust. Is S.H.I.E.L.D. who they say they are? Are they really protecting people, or putting them in fear? Can Nick Fury(Samuel L. Jackson) be trusted? Can anyone be trusted? Who and what is the Winter Soldier? These are just a few of the questions raised during this political thril ...

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Thoughts From A Comic And Movie Fan

Anyone who knows anything about me can tell you that I love comic books. Anyone who can tell you a bit more about me can tell you that Spider-Man(yes, there’s a hyphen) is one of my favorite Marvel characters. I own every single issue of the Ultimate Spider-Man series, and keep up with the current Spider-Man stories. The character of Peter Parker is such a great one, being relatable to so many different peo ...

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Burial At Sea Episode 2 Review

The worst part about finishing Bioshock Infinite’s latest DLC, Burial At Sea Episode 2, is knowing that it’s the last time we’ll get to play in the Bioshock world. Well, at least one made by Irrational. As we learned recently, they are closing the studio and Ken Levine is moving to a different IP. This being their swan song, it leads to hope that it holds up to the series precedent set by the first Bioshock ...

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