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Looper Review

Written by Tyler Lamb. Looper is the newest movie from writer/director Rian Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom) starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, The Dark Knight Rises), Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Sixth Sense) and Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, The Adjustment Bureau). The movie takes place in Kansas in the year 2044. 30 years from then time travel is illegal and getting rid of a body when ...

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House at the End of the Street Review

Written by Zach Stanbery. A last minute decision this past Friday landed me in a theater waiting to see House at the End of the Street. With my Mtn Dew that couldn’t realistically pass for a large drink outside of the Shire and my comically hollow box of peanut M&Ms, I settled in. Having literally no idea what to expect, I, like the 30+ pre-teens that also attended House at the End of the Street, only k ...

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WGRN Radio Schedule

by Shawn Patrich. WGRN is the student-operated radio station at Greenville College in Greenville, IL. They broadcast at 89.5 FM throughout the Greenville, IL region and online at They provide a number of student shows throughout each week. Below you will find the shows we have out for this semester. Be sure to tune in to 89.5 FM to hear your very own GC students as well as some local shows! ...

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End of Watch Review

Review by Tyler Lamb. End of Watch is a new movie from writer/director David Ayer (Training Day, The Fast and the Furious) starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, Source Code) and Michael Peña (Crash, Lincoln Lawyer). The movie follows cops Brian Taylor (Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Peña) who work in the South Side department of the LAPD who seem to always get into the heat of all the action and are always ...

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Adam Bros. Show

Article by Meagan Gunn Greenville’s 8th Annual Autumn Artwalk brought hundreds of people to the town square last Friday evening for art and craft displays, great food, and of course, live music. While people were enjoying the vendors and music on the square, another concert was held at Adam Brothers Music & Coffeehouse just a few steps away. Michael Trieb and Betty and the Bandits packed the place—quite ...

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Gin House Concert Review

by Travis Hawkins. Monday the 24th turned out to be a rocking night as Atlanta-based band Gin House performed on campus in the Blackroom. The band, who's primary line-up consists of Brandon Clark on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, and Paul Lynch on lead electric guitar and harmony vocals, played in support of their new self-titled E.P. released just recently. The concert brought in over a hundred campus co ...

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Bob Dylan Tempest Review

Written by Kevin Dunne. Call him Robert Zimmerman or call him Bob Dylan, the folk singer has nearly seen (and sung) it all. Heartache, injustice, tragedy, war, love, innocence, friendship, more heartache, and life are but a few topics of the singer’s 450-plus songs and ballads. At the age of 71, Dylan has been on the Never-Ending Tour for decades, worked with world-famous musicians, received numerous awards ...

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Paper Route “The Peace of Wild Things” Review

Ben Menghini, Alumni Reporter/Regular Guy Sam Filby, Guest Writer/Awesome Guy  It's hard to argue that pop music isn't inherently evil. Let's face it: most music played on popular radio stations sounds less like a form of art and more like the results of music industry experts getting together and using formulas to create bland, yet somewhat catchy songs. Art often, if not always, reflects the thoughts and ...

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“Hope Springs” Review

Written by Tyler Lamb. Hope Springs (IMDB) is a new movie from director David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada, Marley & Me) starring Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black, No Country for Old Men), Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady, Doubt) and Steve Carell (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Little Miss Sunshine). It follows a married couple, straight off their 31st anniversary, who through the years have stayed together but have ...

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