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Another Self Portrait Review

Written and media by Kevin Dunne. Music fans, let us rejoice together. It has been three years since Bob Dylan released his last Bootleg Series, The Witmark Demos (1962-1964), leaving many fans wanting to hear more sweet, sweet unreleased songs from the fabled and mystical folk singin’ enigma. The tenth edition of the Bootleg Series, titled Another Self Portrait (1969-1971), aims to do what Dylan originally set out to do with Self Portrait, get rid of the enigma mystique. ...

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The Vista: Round 2

Written by Austin Schumacher; Media by Zach Bonner  It certainly has been a year of change when it comes to the usual Greenville College yearbook.  Bringing on a different style of format that has not been seen in ten years, the designers have decided to experiment with something new for the upcoming years.  Starting the “new” Vista this last semester in a magazine-style format, there was a bit of commotion ...

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Game Scout: Free Games

Article and DM by Zach Bonner Are you bored? Are you broke? Are you BOTH??? Well my friend, you've come to the right place! Whether you like strategy, shooters, tower defense, RPG, or MMO, I'll do my best to find something you can lose track of time playing. A Mech Warrior style game, with a squad based feel. It has a similar game play style to Battlefield, but an infinitely smaller price-tag. ...

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Ironman 3 Review

Written by Tyler Lamb; Media by Zach Bonner. Marvel has really made a name for themselves outside of the comic book realm with their (mostly)tied together cinematic universe. It all started out with the amazing, and to this day one of the best comic book movies of all time, Iron Man back in 2008. Phase one was finally completed with The Avengers last May. This May, we are treated with the beginning of Marvels phase 2, which will end with Avengers 2 but is starting with Iron Man 3. Will Iron Man be able to carry his own film after the very successful Avengers? Can he come back from the bomb that was Iron Man 2? The short answer, not really. ...

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Ravenhill Delivers The “Soul”

Written and media by Jake Cannon. It’s hard to come by good rock and roll nowadays in the world of pop, auto-tune, and Lady Gaga. You can hardly find any truly good music with some soul. That’s where southern Illinois band, Ravenhill, steps in. Ravenhill has its humble beginnings in the lowly southern Illinois region, (in)famous for being a “quaint rural area,” according to the all-powerful Wikipedia. In an interview with Geek Sheek, front man Joshua Clifton said, “We started off with two of us and a friend in my living room after our other bands had ended with an acoustic [guitar], an air organ and a plastic tub just writing and experimenting with some songs for the fun of it.” Thus, Ravenhill was born. ...

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Featuring your local Electronic DJ: Captive Portal??

Written by Austin Schumacher; Media by Michael Trieb. With the introduction of The Lab this year, I’ve started to see that there is a certain amount of interest in electronic music here on the GC campus. However, many of these talented artists are relatively unknown to the public. Therefore, in order to shed a bit more light on the subject, I was able to meet up with Zach Bridier (aka. “Electromatic” “Much,” “Sebon” or more recently “Captive Portal”). You can download his most recent Throwing EP for free. Zach is certainly a person who is not unfamiliar to the music scene and specifically electronic music. Having started working with basic loops in Junior High, he has been working on mastering his craft and creating his own sounds through high school and now in college. Using mostly programs like Pro Tools for tracking and mixing, he really doesn’t want to rely on just a computer for everything, but enjoys incorporating collaboration and real instruments and people into his mixes. Currently, he is splitting his focus between playing as the drummer for The Advocates, working as an audio engineer, and creating his newest project, Captive Portal. ...

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Podcast: Arley Cornell – Digital Media Major

Arley Cornell is a graduating senior Digital Media student at Greenville College. Throughout his four years of school, he has had many sweet opportunities to build his professional portfolio and to further development his skills, and love, for his craft. Listen to the podcast below for some insight into his time as a DM student, and also what the Digital Media major has to offer. ...

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What to Gather From the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer (or My Recent and Surprising Obsession with the Star Trek Universe)

Written by Logan Welliver; Media by Zach Bonner I never thought that I would be as excited for Into Darkness as I am right now. To give back ground on the subject, my escapades with Star Trek began in 2009, when the first Star Trek movie came out. Overall, I thought it was an alright movie; it had good production value, it was an entertaining movie, and given the fact that it has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, I think many people would agree. But not long after I had seen the movie, as with many other mediocre movies, it completely left my mind. ...

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