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What Is Community?

Written by Missy Deal. Media by Katie Wallace. Around here at Greenville College, there is a lot of commotion about community. We all have heard it in classes, from the pulpit in chapel, from upper classmen, and have heard administration using this word as a point of advertising for the college. I too have used this word to describe my basketball team as well as the people on this campus. This word “communi ...

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Are you “All In”?

Written by Doug Faulkner. Media by Katie Wallace. On cold winter nights In the early 1980's, my friends and I would often walk across Scott Field from our dorm to the warm and cozy confines of HJ Long to take in some college basketball action. The Panthers were usually in a tight battle with an opposing conference foe from the old Prairie College Conference, the forerunner to the SLIAC (our current athletic ...

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God Is A Zombie?

Written by Amanda Hermes. Media by Katie Wallace. Most fairytales start with once upon a time, but this is not a fairytale.   This is decaying flesh, mindless drones, and cannibals. What we are dealing with here is Zombies. The word Zombie comes from the Haitian word “Zombi” which means “spirit of the dead.”  Zombie originated from Haitian folklore. In the country of Haiti it was believe that you could beco ...

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Copy, Paste

Written by Jake Cannon. Media by Jake Cannon. There is nothing new under the sun. I'm sure you've heard this phrase before cleverly inserted into conversations about Hollywood remakes and sequels, then everyone agrees in a holy unison and the conversation continues. But what does that actually mean? It means there is nothing original. It means when someone does anything creative or "original," it is built u ...

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Spring Courses: English Department Edition

Written by Lexi Baysinger. Media by Paul Anderson Sure winter is just starting, but I'm already looking forward to the returning warmth of spring time. And with looking forward to spring, it means that it’s also time to start looking for classes to start filling the empty spaces in your schedules. To help with that, Professor Alexandria LaFaye, English professor, has prepared summaries of the courses that t ...

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Improvising in Ferguson

Written by Tyler Merrill.  Media by Paul Anderson Three hours before the first Thursday night session of “Power, Politics and the Pope” (the class with the coolest name on campus), I received an email from our teacher Rick McPeak. “We do not yet know each other, but you will quickly learn that I am a believer in experiential education. Tonight we will be going to Ferguson.” The events in Ferguson are being ...

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The Holy of Holies: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

“Hoka Hey,” or “today is a good day to die”, is a phrase derived from the Lakota Indian tribe. This phrase, yelled by Lakota warriors riding into battle, typically connotes that if one dies, he can die peacefully because he has done everything in his ability to live through the battle and to see the next day. Consequently, death no longer fills the warriors with fear—quite the affect of a two-word phrase. ...

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Easter: What it Means to Us

To Christians, Easter is a time where we happily reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus. Without this history-changing, earth shattering (literally) moment in time, we would not be able to call ourselves Christians. Leading up to this momentous day, Jesus partook in the Jewish holiday of Passover on the night of the infamous Last Supper. ...

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Diversity and the Church.

Diversity. Is something that is hard to pin down because few people can agree on a definition. To some, diversity has only to do with race, to others it means people may look the same, but enjoy or do different things. Each definition makes sense and they both begin to ask the question of how diversity is handled. As Christians, we are called to be one body in Christ, so is our body a model of acceptance? ...

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