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Improvising in Ferguson

Written by Tyler Merrill.  Media by Paul Anderson Three hours before the first Thursday night session of “Power, Politics and the Pope” (the class with the coolest name on campus), I received an email from our teacher Rick McPeak. “We do not yet know each other, but you will quickly learn that I am a believer in experiential education. Tonight we will be going to Ferguson.” The events in Ferguson are being ...

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The Holy of Holies: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

“Hoka Hey,” or “today is a good day to die”, is a phrase derived from the Lakota Indian tribe. This phrase, yelled by Lakota warriors riding into battle, typically connotes that if one dies, he can die peacefully because he has done everything in his ability to live through the battle and to see the next day. Consequently, death no longer fills the warriors with fear—quite the affect of a two-word phrase. ...

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Easter: What it Means to Us

To Christians, Easter is a time where we happily reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus. Without this history-changing, earth shattering (literally) moment in time, we would not be able to call ourselves Christians. Leading up to this momentous day, Jesus partook in the Jewish holiday of Passover on the night of the infamous Last Supper. ...

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Diversity and the Church.

Diversity. Is something that is hard to pin down because few people can agree on a definition. To some, diversity has only to do with race, to others it means people may look the same, but enjoy or do different things. Each definition makes sense and they both begin to ask the question of how diversity is handled. As Christians, we are called to be one body in Christ, so is our body a model of acceptance? ...

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Monk Ye See, Monk Ye Do: How to Pray like a Monk

In The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence gets the ball rolling on the true purpose behind devotions, friendship with God. This handicapped, Carmelite monk desired above all things to establish and delight his soul in continual conversation with God- to pray without ceasing, to love God incessantly, and to give thanks for all things. Lawrence referred to this posturing of the soul as the practice of the presence of God. ...

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Worship and Culture

The lights dim. A man walks onto the stage, a spotlight tracking his movements as he picks up his waiting guitar. As the crowd waits in muttering silence, he begins his solo. Soft music fills the air and the crowd lets out its waiting breath. Suddenly other members of the band are on stage and fill in the background for the guitar. The lyrics begin and the crowd’s voice rises to meet the lead guitarist. ...

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Why Christians Should Read (Sing) the Psalms

Last week, Richard Middleton (Northeastern Seminary) spoke to our campus about lament and our need to recover it in our lives of discipleship. Lament, Middleton taught us through Jeremiah 20 and the book of Job, is all about our honest and uncensored speech to God in the midst of our pain. Through the example of the Exodus, Middleton explained that lament is ‘the fulcrum between our bondage and deliverance.’ Biblical lament – the kind of lament we see in Jeremiah and Job and in the Psalms – is what God wants from us. God can handle this kind of speech. Even more, God wants this kind of speech from us. And here is why: God wants us to be his friends. ...

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Love Your Enemy: Why I am a Pacifist

n his 2011 Society of Vineyard Scholars presentation, Jev Forsberg states that “the topic of violence has been on the minds and in the hearts of Christ-followers since the climactic birth of the Christian movement: the violent death of Christ on a Roman cross.” ...

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Christian Liturgy: Time of Perversion or Inversion?

In chapter nine of his work, Holy Things, A Liturgical Theology, Gordon Lathrop juxtaposes the Christian liturgy in light of society. In doing so, Lathrop demonstrates that Christian liturgy “wishes to call us to God and especially to God’s grace known in Jesus Christ, and wishes to propose that grace to this world”.[1] Simultaneously, however, Christian liturgy attempts to point us away from our meeting on Sunday and towards Christ in the everyday. ...

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