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Community: Creation Starts with Cultivation

Written by Jonathan Bremer. Media by Cord Buchanan. Here at Greenville University, we often hear the word community thrown around. When you hear the word community, what crosses your mind? Maybe it is a group of people getting together for a canned food drive, or a bake sale for children who cannot afford the school supplies that they need for the year. These are just a couple examples of what fostering com ...

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The Inherent Spirituality of Traveling

Written by Beth Richardson. Media by Cord Buchanan. The vastness of the world alone makes it impossible to see and experience everything. There is an innate curiosity about the world because we know and understand this possibility. Because of this, when we do get the opportunity to travel, we fully invest ourselves. If we travel to a new place, we see the beauty of God’s creation and are sometimes stopped i ...

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The Wilderness: A Journey for Identity

Written by Jonathan Bremer. Media by Cord Buchanan. There are days where it can be easy to find yourself in some dark places. We encounter these “dry spells” that leave us feeling empty, unfulfilled, and lost. This is especially prevalent in society today. We live in these spiritual “wildernesses” that prevent us from thriving as God would desire. It is quite difficult to maneuver your way through a wildern ...

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Unconforming to be Transformative: Part 2

Written and media by Bradley Stubbs. The way we fight being conformed to the world is through a real relationship with Christ. If we want a real relationship with Christ we have to understand that intellectual knowledge of Christ alone is not a relationship and will not get us into Heaven. Some churches want an easy answer for what it means to be a Christian. They say that if we know who Christ is, go to ch ...

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Dressember: Fighting Human Trafficking One Dress at a Time

Written by Beth Richardson. Media by Kelsey Middleton. Each December, women join together to fight against human trafficking in the form of wearing a dress every day. This is to restore power to dresses and women alike. Two years ago, I participated in this challenge. Not many people knew what it was, so I was fundraising on my own. I gave myself a goal of $200 and quickly exceeded it. This year, the moveme ...

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Christmas: More Than a Holiday

Written by Hope Brakenhoff. Media by Sara Dawson. The sound of your favorite Christmas song comes on and immediately the first thought many people have is a holiday where they get to open presents and spend time with family. While this is a part of Christmas, it is only one part. Christmas is not just another holiday that provides students with a couple of weeks free from classes, it is a celebration of som ...

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Unconforming to be Transformative: Part 1

Written and media by Bradley Stubbs. Today we are conformed to society. Over time, society has used multiple methods of conforming us and instead of pushing back, we have accepted it and so it has affected the way we live. We support things that turn people away from Christ and things that are in direct contrast with the Bible, yet we think we have a relationship with Christ. We are called as Christians to ...

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A Piece of Peace

Written by Megan Burns. Media by Kyle Spriggs. Calendars are filling fast as plans for Christmas festivities are in the works. The dreaded questions and interactions creep closer and closer. Crazy Uncle Joe will hug a little too long, Aunt Betty will bring a gross fruitcake, and Grandpa Bill will whine about food, politics, and everything else. Granny will ask too many questions, little cousin Jill will pul ...

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Media is Ministry

Written by Kristyn Ewing. Media by Sara Dawson. Media is a way we communicate through a variety of books, TV, radio, movies, the Internet, magazines, music, vlogging, so on and so forth. What difference does it make if we add the word "Christian" in front of media? I think we can all agree that it makes a huge difference because it’s media that has just been put in a category that people avoid or run to. Th ...

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