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Cereal For Senators

“An organization that strives toward bettering campus by empowering leaders, activating change, and serving God and the Greenville community.” That’s how student body Vice President Emily Callon describes Student Senate. Student Senate is a mix of students who represent the campus to the administrative groups in campus; they have the authority to vote on new clubs, budgets from various organizations, and to write proposals for new additions to campus. An example of what they have done recently is getting fresh fruit in the Dining Commons. ...

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The Olympic Spirit: Which Sport Fits Your Personality?

There is an epidemic spreading across Greenville’s campus. If Twitter is any indication, the student body of Greenville College has caught a mean case of Olympic fever. In light of this development, the Papyrus has come up with a way for you to take ownership of your Olympic fever. You guessed it! We have a personality quiz for you. Just five easy questions and you’ll know which Olympic sport best fits your personality. ...

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Marshmallow Crispy Oreo Review

I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but biting into an Oreo and getting the experience of a Rice Krispie treat is strangely fulfilling. I opened my package of Oreos expecting to smell… well, Oreos. But what do I detect instead? ...

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Abe Lincoln: Dating Profile

Internet dating is all the rage these days. One could join eHarmony,, or even Christian Mingle and likely emerge with numerous prospects for romantic bliss. Little did we know, though, that this trend is not entirely new. In fact the nation’s 16th president, Illinois’ favorite son, and birthday boy, Abe Lincoln may have even looked­ to social networking to find love. We’re guessing his dating profile may have looked something like this: ...

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For The Love Of Love

The cinematic genre of the Romantic Comedy has been misunderstood, disrespected, and used as the butt of many jokes for years and years. There are some who reject romantic comedies on grounds of principle, arguing that the movies are just sentimental fluff. Others find the familiar plot arch predictable and boring. Still others, mainly females, find great enjoyment, fun, and laughter from a good romantic comedy. ...

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Crafternoon Delight: Valentines Day

It’s time for hearts to be plastered everywhere. It’s time for it to be okay for you to make a meal out of strictly chocolate (don’t mind if I do…). And it’s time for the last-minute scramble to find the perfect gift for that special someone. ...

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I’m about to take part in the last interterm of my career as a Greenville College student and I still struggle at explaining it well to others. It may seem like a fairly simple concept, a month devoted to the studies of one class, but after you experience a couple interterms you realize it is so much more extraordinary than that. ...

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Spotlight on Blood: Water Mission

It’s a global problem. However, in western culture, most people have access to the medical advances that can help combat this affliction. HIV/AIDS is impacting the entire continent of Africa in a terrible way and they don’t have all the resources, resources including clean water, to fight off the dangers of HIV/AIDS. But an organization arose called Blood: Water Mission in order to help African nations to work together to solve the HIV/AIDS and water crisis. ...

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