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The Simple Room

The Simple Room, a local youth center, is well into the new school year with a brand new executive staff at the helm. Jamie Harling, a recent GC graduate in Elementary Education, TESL, and Spanish stepped into the position of Executive Director in August. Josh Dees, a current GC student, cross country runner/coach, and Biology instructor, took the Director of Family Relations position in September, while Chad Warner, former Young Adult minister at Greenville First Christian Church, came on as the Community Outreach Director. ...

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Spotlight on Krochet Kids

We’ve all seen them. Several people around campus wear them no matter what the weather is. Beanies, especially the crochet variety, are on the rise on the GC campus. I want to bring to your attention an organization that sells these hats, but they sell them in order to help other people in the world. It is Krochet Kids intl.They work with women in Uganda and Peru to help them out of poverty. Buying the crochet hats from Krochet Kids intl helps support 150 people in Uganda and Peru, not only that, buying a hat will keep your head warm as we move into fall and winter. ...

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Get Out of Town – Haunted Houses

I’ve never understood haunted houses. Why would anyone intentionally put themselves in a frightening situation? I may never know, but I’ve been told that nothing brings friends together quite like being so scared you pee your pants. Thankfully this time of year provides lots of opportunities for experiencing some of St. Louis’ best haunted attractions, which have gained nationwide attention for their excellent creepiness. Scarefest includes three separate haunted attractions worth a visit. ...

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5 Things to be Wary of During School

Well, six weeks has gone by and we’ve all finally settled into a routine for school. That routine could be anything from getting your homework done early and then hanging out with your friends, to leaving all your homework to the last minute and stressing out because you have three 2 page papers due by tomorrow. As midterms pass by, and we get closer to the end of the semester, make sure that you keep up on everything, from school to friends. Letting these things take over your life will cause you to be sorry later on in the semester. ...

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How to Court Someone: “The Right Way”

I believe it was Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. With this Einsteinian thought in mind, I want to say something to those of you out there who feel drawn to someone on the Greenville campus but have yet to make a move because you’re expecting a miracle to make that relationship happen for you - you are “insane.” I can hear some of you now, “So what chance do I have?” ...

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How to Justify Your Fridays

Justin Timberlake is moving to “Take back the Night” from Miley Cyrus and her crew his new album the 20/20 experience – 2 of 2. He has inspired many people since his days with Nsync, especially GC student Crystal Belwood. Her love of Justin Timberlake influenced her to create the GC tradition, Justified Fridays. What started off as simple enjoyment became a weekly celebration of all things Justin. ...

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Seasonal M&M’s

Once upon a time, when we were all wee little children, M&M’s came in two types, original and peanut. The world was a simpler place, before Y2K and iPhones. While the years that have passed have brought many complications into the world, as we know it, we must all take a second to express our gratitude for the expansion of those delectable little chocolate candies. ...

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Couples Cooking Corner: Cassy and Caleb Loeppky

Being married is one of the most exciting things in the world. Being married and learning how to cook for two people on a limited budget and while one person is a college student is hard. Caleb and Cassy have made world stopping breakthroughs in the kitchen that can help the single or married college student. ...

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Fall Break Jamz

Happy Fall Break! In honor of this joyous long weekend, we here at the Papyrus thought you would all benefit from a handy playlist to rock out to as you undoubtedly drive home. We have got classic driving songs, top forty hits, and some songs that defy all categories. ...

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