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Crafternoon Delight: Tie-Dying 101

Written by Erica Siddle. Media by Bri Phillips. As summer rolls around, fashion trends are starting to gear towards the brighter end of the color spectrum. And why not?! Nature has once again adorned its colorful coat, and we should too! This year though, things are going to be different. It’s time to take a fashion stand against blindingly fluorescent solids and start incorporating multiple colors, in a much less obnoxious way. The only solution is tie-dye...well, it may not be the only solution, but it is definitely the most fun! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to making your very own tie-dye creations at a cost that doesn’t hurt the budget of a college student. ...

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Raspberry-Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Written and media by Kristi Reindl. I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for dark chocolate. Add raspberries, and I have the perfect combination in my mouth.  So when a friend sent me this recipe, I knew I’d have to test it out and I was not disappointed.  Plus, it is fairly easy to make.  I know your mouth is watering so don’t wait, try it for yourself! Makes 1 loaf Prep Time: 15 min Cook Time: 50 min ...

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Clothing Your Character: Spring Style Watch

Written by Maggie McCarthy. Media by Bri Phillips. Spring has finally arrived! Although this means shedding our peacoats, heavy sweaters, and snow boots, I think I can speak for most people when I say that these changes are welcome. The changing of season ushers in afternoons on Scott Field, walks around the Square, colorful flowers everywhere, and summer break fever. Not only does the warm weather free us ...

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Actions May Go a Long Way

Written by Kristi Reindl. Media by Briana Phillips. During my sophomore year of high school, I sat next to a boy in biology--a boy I wasn’t particularly fond of.  I knew nothing about him except that he was boisterous and loved counting how many times the teacher sent him to the principal’s office each week.  Though we shared a desk, I put as much distance between us as the table allowed while he riled the ...

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Four Harmonious Reasons Why Greenville College Needs an Acapella Group

Written by Peter Owens. Media by Bri Phillips. Not many of you may know this, but I may be the only person on campus who was once president of a college a capella group. It is this unique experience that qualifies me to make broad, sweeping, unsubstantiated claims about the nature of Greenville’s campus as it pertains to the proper environmental conditions necessary for sustaining an instrument-less group o ...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviews

By Kristi Reindl Media by Bri Phillips It’s that time, seniors! Graduation is just around the corner and professors, parents, friends, etc. are asking you the same question: what’s the next step? You’re probably tired of the question, especially if you’re not entirely sure what that next step is. Along with the excitement of graduating, there seems to be an endless cycle of stress: saying goodbye, those wonderful student loans calling your name, job searching, and, oh yes, job interviews. First time interviews can toss your nerves into a jumble. You’re not looking for part time shifts at McDonald’s anymore. Hello, real world! Preparation time before the actual interview reduces your stress level and builds confidence more than you realize. Interested to learn how? Here are a few key tips on how to make a lasting impression. Your resume plays an important role in this process, but how to spice it up the right way can be a little tricky. When you hand over that resume, employers are going to look for the qualifications they have put into the job description; make sure they find those credentials and include as many extra skills as possible. Show that you can do some difficult things. If you could have a second major that you don’t necessarily love but you can do it, it will be worthwhile on your resume. Make yourself stand out. ...

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Listening Ears

By Kristi Reindel Media by Bri Phillips They walk the streets, stand in line in front of us, smile behind the cash register. They are here on campus. They are victims and they may not even realize it, victims of manipulative relationships. You may be asking, what is a manipulative relationship? This occurs when a person manipulates the thoughts, feelings and motives of another individual by means of deceit and exploitation. The goal of the manipulator is to gain complete control over the partner, whether it’s a romantic partner, parent, coworker, etc. The relationships are devastating and damaging. Some lead to serious sexual abuse. Others sever marriages that are broken even before they begin because they are based on lies. ...

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Nicole Barks: Living her Life to the Fullest

Greenville College junior Nicole Barks brings excitement to life all around her. Her vigor and positivity reflects the beauty and hope in life that she strives to illustrate for others. Barks doesn’t just invite people to join with her in the exciting adventure of life, they are naturally drawn to her personality. Barks brings creativity and imagination into every situation. Even as a child, she and her siblings spent their days in imaginary worlds, traveling through space and time, visiting dinosaurs. When she wasn’t outside, she entered the world of books where dragons and sorcerers came to life. Although creativity plays an important role in her everyday life, Barks is purpose driven as well. She starts each new day with yesterday’s accomplishments and/or problems far from mind. Rather, she focuses on completing the present tasks at hand that each day introduces. Most importantly, however, Barks is drawn to people and developing close bonds with each individual. At an early age, she imagined herself becoming a doctor to help people in a healing aspect. “I was so sure of my career path, I would even write ‘Dr. Barks’ at the top of my papers,” Barks admits. As such, Barks aspired to be a doctor until her later years of high school when she found herself being drawn to mission work instead. Her passion for helping others on a deeper, personal level became clearer to her. “I want to be more involved in people’s lives – everyday life, not just check-ups.” She is driven to help people challenge themselves and experience success, thriving on watching them grow. “I strive for growth and development not only in myself, but in others as well.” Fellow classmate and good friend Daniel Ruder describes her as “passionate, responsible, and godly. At times she’s entirely silly and fun-loving, but she’s also sensitive to the needs of others and is able to adapt accordingly.” ...

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Clothing your Character: Pearls

For centuries, people have used pearls for accessorizing and ornamentation. In fact, they have held the status of 'prized jewel' centuries before cut stones gained popularity. Although other stones require mining, cutting, and polishing, the pearl possesses natural beauty that requires no extra work. A large part of the pearl’s appeal rests in its natural origins. Unlike other precious gems, they come from a living animal, a mollusk. Created by a random process of nature, they carry a sense of mystery and wonder. While today we often consider them a commonplace accessory, they held a much higher status in the ancient world. Throughout history, a natural pearl necklace made up of matching spheres was a treasure of almost incomparable value. These natural gems were first discovered in The Arabian Gulf and it remained their main source for centuries. In fact, seventy to eighty percent of all pearls came from the Gulf until the 1950s. Before the creation of cultured pearls in the 1900s, only the noble and rich could obtain these rare gems. ...

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