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Word of the Week: felicity

Say it out loud. It's a delight. Just look how happy Keri Russell is with that dog. I bet its name is "Felicity," and she named it that just because of how wonderful it is to say the word, and how she missed out on getting to say it all the time because that was her character's name, and people rarely refer to themselves in third person. (I'm sorry. I'll try and keep the Keri Russell '90s TV show references to a minimum...)* That light "l" sound in the middle (which is a liquid consonant known as an alveolar lateral approximant) just creates a feeling of fun. Say "la la la la" over and over again, with the tip of your tongue tapping that ridge behind your upper teeth. That's just fun. That's what this word creates. It's also very light and pretty-sounding. It's sort of the word version of Keri Russell's delicately-featured face. It is full of everything that is pleasing without being too much or too overwhelming. To me, when consonants are spaced out with vowels one right after the other, those vowel spaces create an openness that is comfortable and pleasant to speak and hear. Fe-li-ci-ty. This vowel spacing is especially fun in words with four or more syllables. It's all the fun of a big long word without getting bogged down by a change in rhythm or tripping over consonants. ...

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Heart of Service

Twenty-year-old Marisa Thomason has a passion for serving others, and as she is continuing her education at Greenville College, she’s finding exactly where God is asking her to direct that passion. Raised in Brownstown, IL, Thomason settled on Greenville College primarily to remain close to her family, but she also appreciated the Christian community the campus provides. With those two factors in mind, her choice to attend Greenville College (only thirty minutes from home) was easy. She originally entered as an Elementary Education major, but in the last few months her future goals have begun to change. Now a sophomore, Thomason finds herself being drawn to mission work instead. Her desire to help others on a deeper, personal level has become clearer to her and she specifically feels led to work with human trafficking victims. This calling prompted her to leave the education department and directed her to social work. “Over Christmas break, my heart grew soft toward those who are in slavery,” Thomason explains. “I want to work with victims of human trafficking and help free them from their situations.” As such, she became inspired to join the Set Free Movement on the college campus. ...

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Stepping Stones of Faith

The 4-year-old boy burst through the doors to tell his parents the exciting news, “I’m gonna be a preacher someday!” Little did the boy know the statement would someday become true. Fifty-year-old Pastor Randy Sands is doing exactly what he vowed as young boy: preaching the Word of God. Although raised in a non-Christian household, Sands attended his hometown church in Salem, IL with a friend. He accepted Christ as his savior at the age of twelve and he declares the decision changed his life entirely. However, it wasn’t until his mid-teens that he sensed God calling him into ministry. ...

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Crafternoon Delight: Tic-Tac Bobby Pack

Women, do you constantly lose your bobby pins? Does it feel like you literally run out every time you need one? Well fear no more, because I present to you Tic-Tac Bobby Pack. This ingenious creation holds your little hair needs all in the palm of your hand. ...

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Clothing your Character: the Art of Class

Have you ever seen someone who seems to exude class? Extending far beyond style of dress, this principle encapsulates the whole woman. Everything from fashion to cultural awareness fits under this broad category. Without needing to carry on a conversation with a woman but simply through observing her style, demeanor, and interactions with others, we can often make accurate assessments concerning a woman’s “class”. While such impressions certainly come into play, only through truly taking the time to know someone can we make accurate judgments on a person’s character. The ideal of class has always been valued in American society. Although we often throw this term around and admire others for upholding the standard, we have a difficult time mastering it ourselves. Society tells us to pursue elegance and lady-like behavior, while also pressuring us to attract men and establish our status in a social group. At first glance these ideas may not seem to oppose one another, but a deeper evaluation of these ideals reveals their inevitable conflict. ...

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Word of the Week: tactile

Word of the week: I love this word for several reasons. It sounds, to me, like what it means. Tack-tile—pushing thumb tacks into cork boards. Tocar—Spanish for “to touch.” Even those fun “t” and “c” consonant sounds, that voiceless alveolar stop and that voiceless velar stop, suggest that contact is being noisily made. I also just generally enjoy words that have an “-ile” suffix. It looks and sounds sleek a ...

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Jo’s vs. Bro’s: Bro’s Barrista Presents Impartial Opinions

Written by Jeff Langley.  Media by Bri Philips. This could get ugly. How could such a thing have happened? Our Ace Coffee Culture Correspondent in the field winced at one of many similar scenes:  two baristas from two different shops, each equally competent and fiercely loyal to his and her own establishment… lumped together in the same COR group, they sat staring daggers across the table. “We could all jus ...

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Beyond the Bachelors: The Tara Wepking Story

Article by Tara Wepking (Previous Papyrus Editor-in-Chief).  Media by Michael Trieb In that final semester before graduation this past May, I was all about making Plans. That’s right, I’m talking about proper noun Plans, with a capital P and all – an official set of guidelines as to how Things were going to go after finally receiving my diploma (with Things in general set to mean the Big Decisions and Event ...

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Love Doctors in Disguise

Written by Kristi Reindl The campus is buzzing about the new mystery of GC Mingle on Twitter.  For the past several weeks, anonymous “love doctors” have been playing matchmaker among fellow students leaving everyone asking the same question: who is behind GC Mingle?  Fortunately, one conspirator was tracked down and agreed to an interview, so long as they remain anonymous to the public. Kristi Reindl: What ...

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