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Food Fundamentals: Classic Cobbler

Written by Haley Fahrner Necessary Materials 12 in. round baking pan 2 medium-sized mixing bowls oven fork spoon appetite   Picture taken by Kat Kelley This is a recipe that my mom uses every time she makes a cobbler. She and I use it so often that we know the recipe by heart. It is simple and can be used for whatever fruit is in season. You do not have to be a good cook or a good baker whatsoever to m ...

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College Memes: Sunday Homework

Lisa Krajecki is an English major with loud opinions and a strong laugh. She has spent the past four years observing and critiquing the Greenville College culture. Her memes are from the heart. Image designed by Lisa Krajecki | Original Image source Hyperbole and a Half ...

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Miraculous Milkshakes!

Written by Jon Bair. I don’t know if you’ve experienced the majesty that is the new drink options in the remodeled, redone, and refurbished Union, but all I’ve got to say is wow.  No more are you limited to an old, run-of-the-mill soda dispenser that gave you the standard 8 or 10 options with ice in the middle.  No, Greenville is beyond that now.  We have the soda machine of the future.  You may have seen i ...

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Food Fundamentals: Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Written by Amanda Shepherd My fiancé loves anything sweet.  Most of all he loves cake, red velvet cake to be exact.  Unfortunately for him, I’m not a huge fan of cake.  So a few nights ago when he told me that he was craving some red velvet, I decided to make an adaptation to his beloved cake.  I wanted to try making red velvet cookies.  Don’t worry, these are not the typical red velvet cake mix cookies eit ...

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