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Murph’s Pitch Episode 27 Spring Break!

Written by Logan Murphy. Media by Isaac Akers and Swade Edwards. It is almost Spring Break here at Greenville University and everybody is excited for a week full of fun and absolutely no school. Parker Lutz is back this week to join Murph's Pitch. They talk about the men's basketball game. First pitch is all about the do's and don'ts of spring break. The second pitch is all about college basketball; March M ...

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Murph’s Pitch Episode 29 Women

Written by Logan Murphy. Media by Isaac Akers and Swade Edwards. This time for Murph's Pitch, we are once again joined by Parker Lutz to help out with today's topic, women. First pitch this time is all about the males point of view on how to approach a woman. Mr. Isaac Akers is asking the tough questions tonight. The second pitch is what each of the guys are looking for in a girl. The third and final pitch ...

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KJGF #5 From Football to Cheerleading

Produced by Genesis Martinez. Coming off from the football field to the sidelines in a whole new way, we have Tywon Bender talking over a switch in sports, from a football player to a new kind of player—Cheerleader! Come hear all about it on the KJGF podcast with your hosts KJ and Greg! Music By Master Roshy ...

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Murphs Pitch Ep. 28 GU

Written by Logan Murphy. Media Isaac Akers and Swade Edwards. Here’s another special Murph's Pitch for you guys! We have Parker Lutz joining us again for our three pitches. This is a special podcast you don't want to miss! Join us as we talk about Greenville itself. ...

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KJGF #4 Men’s Basketball 2018 Conference

Produced by Genesis Martinez. KJGF has brought Dan Saeli to the show to talk about our amazing GU Men's Basketball team. Dan will be sharing about the dedication, hard work, and determination it took to be in the 2018 conference finals. But don't take my word for it! Come hear all about it from our Hosts KJ and Greg on the KJGF podcast. ...

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Murph’s Pitch Episode 26: We’re Going Dancing!

Written by Logan Murphy. Media by Isaac Akers and Swade Edwards. This week on Murph's Pitch, guest star Parker Lutz is on the show. They talk about the Greenville University's basketball team making it to the NCAA tournament and how they feel about some teams' chances, how people need to wake up when it comes to young student-athletes, and more. Check it out! Also, check out our live Facebook video here! ht ...

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Into the Future: MLB Predictions

Written and Media by Anthony Stephenson. Congratulations to the New York Yankees on their 2018 World Series title. I am coming at you with my second hot take of the year. In this podcast, I make my preseason predictions for how I think the MLB will shape up this year. These predictions are based on the rosters as of February 28, 2018. Stay tuned for future podcasts and my quarter season mark up! https://sou ...

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GU 2018 Women’s Conference

Produced by Genesis Martinez Returning spotlight Brittney Lopez gives an inside look on the 2018 Women's Basketball Conference. Brittney shares what was going through the Lady Panther's minds, their training, and the overall experience of the 2018 conference. Presented by your smooth and dashing co-hosts KJ and Greg! Music By: Master Roshy ...

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The Bald Perspective Ep. 4: Technical Difficulties

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Matt Stoddard. We had a lot of technical difficulties this week. Matt and Deppe were joined by Ben Casey and Deryk Rumbold to talk about the “Death Wish” remake from Eli Roth starring Bruce Willis, a Brock Hampton show Deryk saw, the Grammys, Oscars, and Razzies, "Home Alone," and "Mad Max." But we had to dump that file because of a mysterious noise creeping into the file. S ...

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