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The Hottest Sports News Anywhere!

Produced by Quinten Brown. There's no need to order out because Jake Vanwey and Greg Franchomme are serving up the "Hot Takes" tonight and lucky for you, they're free! Get 'em while they're hot. So sit down and have a listen! Special thanks to the GU Papyrus for giving us this platform to serve you! ...

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Athlete vs World EP 6

Produced by Matt Stoddard. Recorded on October 19th, 2017 On this episode of Athlete vs. World, Marideth Tate and Bradley Stubbs talk about failure in sports and in life. Failure can either push you to do your very best or it could eat you alive. Tune in and hear how you can learn to use failure to come out stronger. ...

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Murph’s Pitch: Q&A with Listeners

Written by Logan Murphy and Issac Akers. Media by Joseph Wood. The boys of Murph's Pitch answer all of your questions! We decided to Facebook live the podcast as well so all of you viewers get a chance to see who we really are. If you want to see the video of us doing our thing, check out the video below!   ...

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Athlete vs World Ep 5: Complacency

Produced by Matthew Stoddard. In this episode of Athlete vs World. Marideth Tate and Bradley Stubs explain why having complacency can ruin you and your teammates. They also give you ways to get out of that complacent headspace. ...

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It’s The Right Time to be a Sports Fan

Produced by Quinten Brown. This week time on J&G Sports Pod-Casting, Jake and Greg talk about all of the excitement in the sports world that the fall brings. From football to baseball and basketball to hockey there is surely something in this podcast that any sports fan can appreciate. ...

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Nick Morrow and His Legacy

Written and Media by Quinten Brown. This time on J and G Sports Podcasting, Jake Vanwey and Greg Franchomme have on special guest Kevin Tran. Tran is a Senior on the Greenville University Football team and he had the privilege to share the field with now professional football player Nicholas Morrow. Tran talks about their relationship throughout college and what it is like having played with a future NFL pl ...

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Athlete vs World Ep 4

Written and Media by Matthew Stoddard. On this episode of Athlete vs World, Marideth Tate and Bradley Stubbs talk about anger in sports. Is it better to have that anger when you play your sport? Find out what Marideth and Bradley think? Here's a few Bible verses four ya'll to check out! ...

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