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The Bald Perspective Episode 1: Film In 2017

Written by Dylan Deppe and Produced by Matt Stoddard. Last year was a very interesting and surprising year in movies. Many of the industry heads and reporters are worried about the overall financial returns, but there were a noticeable number of surprising financial successes. Despite the fears, 2017’s large array of high-quality and varying films should be seen as a major accomplishment. Matt and I were jo ...

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The Grand Finale

Produced by Quinten Brown. This is the last J&G Podcast of the semester and do they have a show for you! Football lovers come one come all because this episode is all about the excitement that end of the year football brings. ...

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Greenville University Men’s Volleyball

Produced by Quinten Brown. In this segment of the iconic J&G Show we hear from volleyball player Kyle Ward. Men's volleyball may be new to Greenville University but you better believe that these guys are going for it all! ...

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Murph’s Pitch Ep.18 Holiday Season!

Written by: Logan Murphy and Issac Akers, Media by: Joseph Wood Today the guys sit down and talk about the final four in college football, weird holiday traditions, and whether or not High School student-athletes should "specialize" in one sport. ...

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Greenville University Basketball is BACK!

Produced by Quinten Brown. Jake Vanwey and Greg Franchomme get an inside look at the Greenville University Basketball Team by interviewing player Kealin McLean (KD). KD is a returning player that believes this season can be just as if not more successful than last year with a few tweaks here and there. It's time for some college hoops! ...

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Athlete vs World Ep 10

Produced by Matthew Stoddard. Recorded on November 29th, 2017 On this episode of Athlete vs World, Marideth Tate and Bradley Stubbs speak to Coach Skylar Bareford and Coach Doug Faulkner and talk about how they integrate faith into coaching. Tune in to hear some great advice and funny stories from two great coaches! ...

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Murph’s Pitch Ep. 17 Food, Love, And Happiness

Written by Logan Murphy and Issac Akers. Media by Joseph Wood. The boys sit down with professional hockey analyst Dr. Steve and professional food categorizer Bryson Davis to settle the argument whether or not hot dogs are sandwiches, we talk about love, and what makes us guys happy! ...

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Athlete vs World Episode 9: Gluttony

Produced by Matthew Stoddard. Recorded on November 17th, 2017. On this episode of Athlete vs World, Marideth Tate and Bradley Stubbs talk about gluttony and food's impact on athletes. Find out what they think about gluttony! ...

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Greenville University Football Wrap Up

Produced by Quinten Brown. This time on J&G Sports Podcasting Jake Vanwey and Greg Franchomme talk about the wrap up and conclusion of the Greenville University Football Season. If you are a fan then you're not gonna want to miss this one. ...

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