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GC Speaks: Government and State Aid Programs and Social Mobility

There has been a running debate for a while now about social welfare and federal and state aid programs. Some say that the programs are just a way for people to be lazy and reap the benefits of others’ work. Others say that although there are some people who take advantage of the system, there are also those who really need to programs to get back on their feet. I believe that these programs should not be removed completely, but that perhaps there should be more regulations for those who enroll in them. ...

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GC Speaks: Shoot, It’s Legal

Over the summer of 2013, a very big change happened in Illinois. On July 9,2013 it was made a law that as long as one has a permit, they could carry a concealed weapon anywhere in Illinois. Of course, they were some people who were pleased and not so pleased about this law. Many people, including myself, thought that this act would only worsen crime and homocide rather than help with these problems. Yes, it is a right for a person to be able to defend themselves, and obviously these kind of people aren’t the problem and citizens like this aren’t the reason why Illinois residents like myself have a problem with this new law. Too many well meaning, abiding citizens are killed every year by guns all because there are too many people who don’t care about the laws or have regard for human life. Sadly, I hear more about innocent people getting killed by guns than criminals. ...

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We can’t stop: What Miley Cyrus Tells Us About the Church and Culture

Lately, if you haven’t been hearing about or talking about Miley Cyrus you must live under a rock. It has been over a month since Miley’s infamous Video Music Awards performance, and still she is one of the most talked about celebrities anywhere. Followed up by a news making music video for “Wrecking Ball,” Miley is challenging the boundaries of popular culture in a big way. ...

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The Cost of The Game

There is nothing like going to a live professional sporting event. Whether it be at the 50 yard line of a Bears game, behind the foul pole of a Cardinals game, or even the infamous “nose-bleed” seats at the Bulls games. These games help drives the viewers excitement, and sparks passion in fans of all ages as they are able to watch there favorite teams live. Almost nothing can take away from the experience of seeing your favorite players, play to win the game. Games typically take any where between 2-3 hours (Lets not even talk about the chance of an overtime). And that one thing that may put a damper in the Live Game experience, may just happen when your stomach starts to growl a little bit. ...

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Technology: Help or Hinder Our Community?

Technology is a wonderful thing for so many different reasons. I personally like it so much because it makes talking with my family and friends all the way back home in Massachusetts that much easier and faster. It helps when I’m feeling homesick, and I can just get on the phone or get on Skype and talk with my loved ones. Technology is great because it puts so many resources at our feet; so many ways to connect, to share, and to learn through technology. ...

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The “New” Vatican

In the short seven months that Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) has been the Pope of the Catholic church, he has already made a large positive impact in his position. ...

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Christians and Tobacco Use

The question being asked is if it is wrong for a Christian to use tobacco. In my opinion, it is not necessarily a sin to use tobacco. But it is an unwise decision and we, as Christians, are encouraged to use wisdom. Therefore, though I am not sure what stance I would take if I was flat out asked, “Is it a sin to use tobacco?” I believe that Christians should not use it. ...

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Autism and Technology

have a pet peeve regarding cell phones: people texting on cell phones when someone is passing by and you (as the one who texts) does not every look up to say “hello” or even acknowledge them. Personally, I have a cell phone, love having it, but the main meat of this will lead toward: DO NOT BE TO ABSORBED BY TECHNOLOGY THAT OTHER STUDENTS/FACULTY ARE INVISIBLE TO YOU! ...

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Virtual Violence

Children can be very easily influenced to do good and bad things, but video games alone don’t make children violent or lead them to turn to crime later on in life.For a child to become so violent and dangerous, they would have to witness it firsthand, e.i their parents or their peers. Babies and little kids are pure and don’t know right from wrong, as they get a little older, they do learn and grow a lot, but I don’t feel that kind of evil is in them, and it’s a little hard to believe playing a shooting game every weekend will send them over the edge. ...

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