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Twitter: Killeeningitup

Written by Katie Killeen; Media by Kelsey Kuethe. “Hey Katie, this is Dad.  I was just updating my twitter account and I saw your account on there--that you are following me--so I looked into seeing how things are going for you on Twitter.  You’re up to nine follwers now and among them is Congresswoman Ann Wagner.  Ann Wagner wants to know what’s on your mind, so you better start tweeting. Take care, I’ll s ...

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What qualities would you like to see in the next GC President?

 Written by Erica Siddle. Media by Kelsey Kuethe. What qualities would you like to see in the next GC President?    "Honesty, integrity, and a “do something” attitude."  - Allison Rodgers   "Go-getter attitude! Looking to make a change within the Greenville community."  - Stephanie Franco   "Student-driven and a go-getter with a positive attitude."  - Raelynn Hinerman   "Someone open to new ideas. ...

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Cheater or Human Enhancement Connoisseur?

Written by Erica Siddle. Media by Kelsey Kuethe. Overcoming cancer, breaking records with seven championship titles at the Tour de France, and writing a series of inspirational memoirs all combine to form a pretty high platform for Lance Armstrong. These achievements, however, have become obsolete in light of his recent doping scandal.  For almost a decade, Armstrong slipped under the radar of the World Ant ...

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A Moderate Appeal to the Staunch Minority

I’m amused by the clearly biased. Jim DeMint, former U.S. Senator and soon-to-be president of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative “think tank,” really struck my funny bone with his Washington Post article, “Conservative ideas need a new message.” The title sports a statement I can certainly agree with; the conservative GOP really does need a new message if they hope to win over voters in the next round of federal elections. When reading DeMint’s writing, however, I found myself wondering how he thought insistences, like “progressive central planning has failed throughout history and is still failing today,” would win him the ear of informed citizens looking for unbiased alternatives to progressive or liberal ideas. First, “progressive central planning” is misleading. “Central planning,” also known as “economic planning,” is defined as any arrangement or guidance of economic activity outside of the control of our capitalist market. I can almost hear DeMint thinking, “Let’s slap the word progressive on this sucker and make it sound detestable!” Perhaps an unfair sentiment, but I mean, come on—do I really have to bring up FDR’s New Deal to make my point? (Here, conservatives are criticizing his economic interventionism.) Clearly, no matter how one views our current governmental trajectory, economic planning has been a part of our system (as most governmental systems use a combination of free marketing and planning) with winning results for generations. Does DeMint want to see the abolition of the FDA? I didn’t think so. With this in mind, I knew DeMint’s article would be laced with bias, as most political articles are, but I gave it a read anyway, remembering what I perceived to be his central messages: “[c]onservative ideas work,” whereas progressive ideas don’t, and Heritage will demonstrate to citizens how conservative reform is crucial to our government and economy. It was difficult. ...

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Are general education courses a waste of time?

Author Ethan Ford; Media by Kelsey Kuethe. Going to Greenville College means many things, but one certainty is that you’ll be required to take a large amount, perhaps even a majority, of classes that are not specific to your major. These general education courses range from psychology to HPR and students often take them from first semester freshman year until their final semester as seniors. But are they wo ...

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Good Answers to Faith Integration Defy Simplicity

Written by Peter Owens; Media by Kelsey Kuethe. I was recently in West Virginia at a winter resort, meeting a bunch of other twenty-somethings who were, like myself, working in higher education. We were there to study the influences of religion, particularly Christianity, on the academy in America since the first European settlers planted their little clogged feet on the East Coast in the early 17th century ...

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Favoritism Among Athletics

Written by Erica Siddle. Athletic favoritism has affected sporting teams from the preschool level to the professional leagues for as long as there have been athletics.  With favoritism so embedded into the world of sports, the issue is easily brushed back under the rug when a conflict rears its ugly head.  Being an athlete myself, I have witnessed a wide variety of favoritism over the years.  But like many ...

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Skipping Thanksgiving

Written by Erica Siddle. I have noticed a disturbing trend occurring more each year throughout the month of November: the disappearance of Thanksgiving.  When I was younger, the month of November was defined by Thanksgiving.  Granted, I had the elementary Pilgrims and Indians dress up day and feast to look forward to for the entire month, but even throughout the excitement of getting to dress up after Hallo ...

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