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File Sharing – an Ethical Dilemma

Written by Arley Cornell. File sharing is REAL. It’s REAL, everybody. People share their files, and they don’t get in trouble for it. It’s an undeniable reality that you don’t need to read about anymore – everyone does it or has done it. I am guilty. I have pirated everything from movies to music to applications to TV shows... even software that allows me to evade the GC network so I can find torrents that ...

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Thumbs are Talking: Addicted to Texting

Written by Kristin Minshall. Remember house phones? It is strange to think that landline telephones have become almost obsolete. Think back to the days where you had to pick up a phone, punch in the number manually, and wait for someone to answer. My generation grew up this way, but by the time we reached middle school, everything changed. Texting is the new norm. Now our thumbs do the talking. Text messagi ...

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Euka Wadlington

Written by Hoss Dossett and Haley Fahrner Euka Wadlington is a prisoner at the Greenville Federal Correctional Institution.He is serving a life sentence for his alleged involvement in a cocaine ring. The crimes of which he was convicted were nonviolent, and the evidence seems to have been basically nonexistent. He was convicted based on the testimonies of other drug dealers in the area—drug dealers who were ...

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Why Vote: The Student Perspective

Written By: Ethan Ford Why Vote? As the presidential election looms, the public is inundated with mudslinging ads from every media source possible. Even Twitter is not safe from a promoted Romney or Obama Tweet! This nonstop barrage is often met with annoyance and scorn from my peers, who say things like, “Politics are dumb,” or “I don’t care about politics.” If they are referring to the partisanship and po ...

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Libertarians: Crusaders For Freedom or Crazy Idealists?

Written by Ethan Ford. If you are like me and spend any amount of time paying attention to American politics, you might understand when I say that the current two-party system can be incredibly frustrating. Congress bickers like kindergarteners, making it extremely hard for anything to get done since one side will stonewall the other if a law proposed by the other side gains any traction. It is also clear, ...

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Government Involvement

Written by Casey Christianson. When it comes to government involvement in the economy, many politicians disagree on what the correct approach is. Some believe that government is the most important part of getting the economy out of a recession and recreating jobs for unemployed citizens. Others believe that the government should just leave it alone and let the market system run its course. I personally beli ...

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The Immigration Issue

Written by Dani Garcia.             The article The UndocuBus: Riding From Arizona to the DNC, Risking Deportation All the Way kind of inspired me and made me angry all at once. I was inspired because people who were U.S. citizens and others that live in the country came together to fight against one cause: immigration. Those people who were not U.S. citizens risked their lifestyles here in the U.S. and som ...

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Healthcare for All: A Democratic Dream?

Written by Peter Huston In 2010, Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly referred to as Obamacare or Romneycare. The law provides tens of millions of Americans with much-needed health insurance and prevents insurance companies from deciding the fate of sick Americans.  While the law is not the needed universal health coverage, it is a step in the direction ...

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