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PotP Ep. 9 – Liz Fajardo

Media by James Hudson. Welcome back to your very own K & T Path of the Panthers Podcast. This week we have Liz Fajardo. Check out the podcast as we discover what lead Liz to Greenville College.   ...

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Path of the Panthers Ep. 3 – Corbin Quinonez

Media by James Hudson. Meet the Vice President of GCSA Corbin Quinonez. He recently finished his football career for Greenville College but continues to work the lives of many across the country.He is from Tulare, CA and continues to bring so much to the campus of Greenville. He is very active participating in campus activities while interning for an app development company called Waynik. ...

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Path of the Panthers Ep. 2 – Maci Sepp

Media by James Hudson. Today we would like to introduce you to Maci Sepp, an amazing young woman who continues to transform the lives of students across Greenville campus. We would like to congratulate her on being elected student president of GCSA for the 2017-18 school year. Here is her story. Podcasters: Tywon Bender and Kevin Tran   ...

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The Laney and Caitlin Show Ep. 2

Written and media by James Hudson. Laney and Caitlin are back for another week of The Laney and Caitlin Show! This week, Our special guest include Savannah Sells, Kirsten Laune and Allyson Mitchell from Greenville College's Volleyball Team. Tune in to learn more about our guest.   ...

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50 Hour Film Festival Filming

Written and Media by Aaron Phillips. This past weekend Maddie and I both participated in the 50 Hour Film Festival here on campus. In this podcast we talked about what it is, how we each go about making a movie, and the biggest thing we learned from the experience. Hope you enjoy!   ...

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The Dose Episode 12: Car Adventures

Hey everyone! Here's the second video of OVERDOSE. We had to get some stuff so why not film it? Thanks for watching! As usual the music is GHESTS, check out some of his new work! Here is a link to Joel's awesome review of Kendrick Lamaar's latest album "To Pimp A Butterfly" Check out our Youtube channel for all of the other episodes you may have missed!   ...

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The Dose Episode 11: Jack Wang

Hello friends! Its still OVERDOSE week and today we have the pleasure of having Jack Wang on the Dose! We even had a live studio audience for this episode! As always, make sure to check out Max, Aaron, and our favorite musician Guests! Hope you enjoy! ...

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The Dose Episode 9: Jon Raffa

It's OVERDOSE WEEK, which means we have another episode! This time featuring Jon Raffa! Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed the Junior/Senior episode, it was a lot of fun to make! As always, check out Ghests, Aaron, and Max. Stay tuned for episode 10! ...

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