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Shtuff Cubed: Tired of Hearing Shtuff!

  The boys talk about things they're tired of hearing around campus! Some things, everybody has probably heard more than too many times. And they wrap it up by talking about relationships again! Woot! Tweet us at #GCShtuffCubed! ...

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Podcast Shtuff Cubed: Logan is Thirsty!

On this episode of Shtuff Cubed, the boys talk about procrastination and how it affects the lives of so many college students. How do you get inspired in such a state? Jimmy reveals his source of inspiration. And A general calling goes out to all the Greenville girls out there looking for that one special guy! Logan could prove to be a fantastic catch! ...

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Shtuff Cubed Podcast #8: Flashback 2

The second installment of the flashback series! The boys talk about the spoken word event held on campus featuring Ezekiel Azonwu, the weird American themed parties hosted around the world and more…! We're desperate, just do it. Tweet at: @GCShtuffCubed ...

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