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Powertalk! EP. 8

Hello friends! On this episode we talk about Malala Yousafzai and some of the struggles that her people and many others go through as well as what we did this weekend and some plans we have for Halloween! Go follow us on twitter and tell us what you have planned for Halloween! Check out more of Cage The Elephant here! ...

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Powertalk! EP. 7

Hey everyone, hope your fall season is going as great as ours! On today's episode Scott Evens joins us to discuss his profession and tell us some interesting from the road and some of the people he's met a long the way! So click the play button and chill out with us! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and follow Scott as well! Check out more of Hundredth here! ...

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Powertalk! EP 6

On this episode of Powertalk! we discuss some music, our favorite shows and games we're looking forward to. Jimmy gives you some details on how you can help out with the ebola situation using any skills you have to offer! So sit back hit the play button and spend some time with us. Don't forget to follow us and leave us some comments! Check out more of Brand New, Deftones, Smile Empty Soul, and The Contorti ...

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Powertalk! EP. 5

On this episode of Powertalk! we have a special guest! Jonathan Barker from the Opinions section of the Papyrus joins us as we discuss the subject of an article he has in the works, GC Confessions. This episode is a little crazy and light hearted so just sit back and listen to us get ridiculous! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and leave us comments of what you think! Check out more of Envy On The Coast ...

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Powertalk! EP. 4

Welcome to another episode of Powertalk! On this episode we discuss what's been happening in Ferguson and how GC has been helping out with the situation. We give a little insight to what we were up to this weekend and some new movies we're looking forward to. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and feel free to leave comments! The track in the episode is Concession Speech Writer. Check out more of their/th ...

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Powertalk! EP. 3

Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of Powertalk! This week we talk about The Sunny Side of Depression, The IPhone 6 plus' unexpected 'feature', and what we're up to this weekend! You'll also get to hear a little about my crazy cats. Go follow us on Twitter and feel free to tell us what you're doing this weekend in the comments!   Here are links to check out more from Sell Your Sky! And The White ...

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Powertalk! EP. 2

Hey, everybody, as you can see we have dropped our previous subtitle as we don't like to limit ourselves but we promise we won't keep you at the computer for too long! This weeks episode we discuss the ALS ice bucket challenge, the GC Treasure Hunt, The Scriblerus, and the All College Hike. We also learn something new and interesting about Jimmy. So click the play button and tune in to hear what we have to ...

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Morning Tea With Princess Ashley Season 2 Episode 2

Ashley updates on the happenings at Greenville, has an interview with Dustin Fenton, and Brian does some shenanigans at the All College Hike for his segment Fun Times With Brian! If you missed it live, or just want to watch it again, check it out! For more updates follow them on Twitter and Facebook!   ...

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Powertalk! 600 seconds of it!

Hello! Welcome to our first installation of Powertalk! ...600 seconds of it... Yes we know this episode is a bit longer that 600 seconds... Okay a lot longer than 600 seconds but this is just our introduction. We talk about historical figures we'd like to meet, movies, favorite cartoon characters and more! So if you've got some time on your hands and you feel like wasting it come and get to know us! ...

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