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Retired from Running

Written and media by Andrew Sharp. In the life of every runner comes a time when they must lace their running shoes for the very last time. This moment can be soon and thus very bittersweet or it could be a long time coming. The athlete must make that decision of when to hang it up. For most runners, this moment comes directly after a race so that they have something to remember the sport by and give it one ...

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2017 NBA Preseason

Written and media by Christian Caldozo. With summer ending and fall approaching, it is about that time of the year again when NBA basketball makes a return! The offseason of 2017 has to be one of the most exciting off-seasons. This offseason included many big trades, a free agent signing frenzy, and a very good rookie class, in which the NBA has not seen in a while. With only one week until the regular seas ...

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Player Profile: Christian Caldozo

Witten and Media by Barry Nixon. Christian Caldozo is a shooting guard for the Greenville University Men’s Basketball Program. According to his teammates and coaches, Mr. Caldozo is a big contributor and shows great leadership to the team. Caldozo is a senior and has been a part of the program for three years now. Mr. Caldozo is from Los Angeles, California. Specifically, Caldozo grew up in Panorama City, C ...

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Player Profile: Andrew Sharp

Written and Media by Jaylen Shelton. Since the moment he stepped on Greenville University’s campus Andrew Sharp has been a dominant force for the Greenville Cross Country and Track and Field teams. In cross country he’s been Greenville’s top runner every year he’s run, and he made first team All-Conference each year. He is just as dominant in track and field, too. He was able to make it to Division 3 nation ...

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Runner Profile: Jaylen Shelton

Written and Media by Andrew Sharp. Runners are a breed of people that are completely all their own. Usually, when it comes to a runner, they tend to be a mostly outspoken person. Sometimes this is not the case, and it just so happens that we had the honor to get to know one of the quietest runners you will ever meet. Jaylen Shelton is a senior cross country runner from California who has become a silent-but ...

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Greenville vs Frontier Volleyball Recap

Written and Media by Andrew Sharp. When you think about the top sports here at Greenville you think about track, volleyball, and basketball. Right now, read on for a recap of the Oct. 4 game when the junior varsity women's volleyball team came face-to-face with Frontier Community College and captured the win. The Panthers junior varsity team played Frontier Community College, a team that they had never face ...

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Track and Field Profile: Matt Hughes

Written and Media by Mitchell Hooten. Some athletes never get to truly fulfill their hidden athletic abilities in life. It can happen to any athlete in any sport that is played in the world today. This is especially true for Matt Hughes, who didn't find his true talent in his track and field career... That is, until he discovered the decathlon this past season. Hughes is a senior on the Greenville Track and ...

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Costa Rica Soccer Mission Trip

Written and Media by Sara Dawson. The Greenville Men’s Soccer Team went on a mission trip to Costa Rica August 7-August 13. The team had an amazing experience and a great time together. They first started out at Greenville early in the morning. They left from St. Louis and arrived in San Jose, the largest city in Costa Rica. The team went with SCORE International. This organization does mission trips around ...

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