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Hard Work Pays Off

Written and Media by Taylor Purkey. Before the 1970's, people who knew about bodybuilding were few and far between. Most people saw bodybuilders as freaks of nature and were often seen in the circus. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger brought a new light to it. All of a sudden, people wanted to be as big and strong as Schwarzenegger. They saw him as attractive and wanted his defined muscles. In the fall of 2015 ...

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The Laney and Caitlin Show Ep. 10

Media by James Hudson. Hey guys! We have one last podcast for the year! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the show throughout the semester. For this week, our guest is Laney Thacker, Caitlin Opp, and our podcast editor, James Hudson. We've enjoyed being a part of this show and wish all of you a happy holiday.   ...

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GC Athlete of the Week: Jake Vanwey

Written and Media by Danny Strohm. This Week's GC Athlete of the Week is Sophomore Men's Basketball player, Jake Vanwey. Vanwey is one of the leaders players on the Panther's JV Squad. Through hard work and determination, Vanwey is doing all that he can to prepare himself for a Varsity call up. The "run and gun" offense the Panthers play fits right into Vanwey's style of play as he loves to pull up anywhere ...

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Greenville Bounces Back

Written and Media by: Andres Flores The Greenville College men’s basketball team took on the Westminster College Blue Jays last week at home. The Blue Jays, who are currently three and three, came into the game with a recent win against Fontbonne University. The Blue Jays were looking to win their second conference game as the Panthers were looking to win their first conference match up. Greenville aims to ...

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Why Am I Here?

Written and Media by John Dudley.  "How and why did I get myself into this?" These thoughts ran through my mind as a freshman at Greenville College. As a newcomer, I spent most of my time learning a playbook and doing homework. For the past four years, I have been a part of the Greenville College football program and played wide receiver on a Panthers offense that wasn’t suited with a large number of plays ...

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Under the Radar Ep. 10 – Luke Moore

Media by Joseph R. Jeralds. Welcome to our final episode of The K & T Under the Radar sports podcast. We would like to introduce Luke Moore and his season ending injury with cancer in 2013. His story has humbled him to be the man he is today he explain his transformation from a player to a coach and the role he played here at GC.   Podcasters: Tywon Bender and Kevin Tran   ...

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Go GC men’s basketball team!!

Written and Media by Yoshiko Tanimura. After a tough loss in their opening game against St. Louis University on Nov. 4 (124-85), the GC men’s basketball team was ready to bounce back. They did just that when they defeated Knox College on Nov. 15 (130-106). Just three days later, the Panthers faced Elmhurst College team at Millikin University on Nov. 18. The crisp weather didn’t stop the Panthers and their s ...

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Under the Radar Ep. 9 – Kaleb Slaven

Media by Joseph R. Jeralds. This week Under the Radar podcast featured an athlete who had his senior season ended due to a knee injury. Through the recovery process he was still able to mentor and guide the young receivers for Greenville football program. Let's meet Kaleb Slaven. Podcasters: Tywon Bender and Kevin Tran   ...

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Women’s Volleyball: Season Wrap Up

Written and Media by Nathan Craig. The Greenville College women's volleyball team had a successful and entertaining season. Sadly, all things must come to an end. The Lady Panthers lost in the first round of the NCAA division three tournament. They ended the season 25-8 overall and 16-2 in conference. Winning their seventh straight conference championship, they hosted the SLIAC tournament for the fifth time ...

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