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Track and Field Profile: Matt Hughes

Written and Media by Mitchell Hooten. Some athletes never get to truly fulfill their hidden athletic abilities in life. It can happen to any athlete in any sport that is played in the world today. This is especially true for Matt Hughes, who didn't find his true talent in his track and field career... That is, until he discovered the decathlon this past season. Hughes is a senior on the Greenville Track and ...

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Costa Rica Soccer Mission Trip

Written and Media by Sara Dawson. The Greenville Men’s Soccer Team went on a mission trip to Costa Rica August 7-August 13. The team had an amazing experience and a great time together. They first started out at Greenville early in the morning. They left from St. Louis and arrived in San Jose, the largest city in Costa Rica. The team went with SCORE International. This organization does mission trips around ...

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All-Star Format Changes

Written and media by Barry Nixon. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the top professional sports organizations in the United States. In the regular season, the NBA is divided into two different conferences, and they are known as the Eastern and Western conference. The NBA is made up of thirty-two teams, and there are sixteen teams in each conference. The teams all play a regular season game ...

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GU Soccer Player Profile: Breanna Thomas

Written and media by Barry Nixon. Breanna Thomas is a midfielder for the Greenville Lady Panther Soccer Team. Thomas is a big part of the program according to the teammates. She is from Carbondale, Illinois, and played club sports for SI United while growing up. Carbondale is a city in Jackson County, within the Southern Illinois region informally known as "Little Egypt." The city developed from 1853 becaus ...

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More Than a Coach

Written and Media by Mitchell Hooten. There are hundreds upon thousands of coaches in the world today, but finding a great coach in the multitude of coaches is hard. One of these great coaches is at Greenville: our very own Tom Broomfield, head throwing coach and head strength and conditioning coach. Coach Broomfield has been the throwing coach for the Greenville Track and Field Team for over 20 years. In t ...

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It’s The Right Time to be a Sports Fan

Produced by Quinten Brown. This week time on J&G Sports Pod-Casting, Jake and Greg talk about all of the excitement in the sports world that the fall brings. From football to baseball and basketball to hockey there is surely something in this podcast that any sports fan can appreciate. ...

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Big Plays, Big Contracts

Written and Media by Bobby Neal. The Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford concurred on a contract extension that is worth $135 million. The deal is for five seasons and will cause the ninth-year quarterback to be one of the most generously-compensated players in NFL history. Shortly following the extension deal, Stafford’s wife posted a photo of their twin boys saying, “When daddy and mommy whispered to us we ...

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GU Football Player Profile: Mike Buckhanna

Written and media by Bobby Neal. On and off the field defensive back Mike Buckhanna looks to succeed. Standing at 5’8” and 170 lbs, Buckhanna is very effective in the secondary. With only five games played, Buckhanna has 14 tackles on the season and looks to gain more. When asked what brought him to Greenville, Buckhanna expressed how God brought him to the University. He is a sophomore at GU and education ...

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