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MLB Rookie Profile: Yoan Moncada

Written and Media by Jesse Getz. Yoan Moncada, a former member of the Boston Red Sox, was a center piece of the trade with the Chicago White Sox. This sent super star pitcher, Chris Sale, to Boston in exchange for the MLB’s top prospect. The trade also included three other players: two pitchers and one outfielder that went to Chicago with Moncada. In 25 years, this was the first time baseball's number one p ...

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Nuun of That

Written and Media by Taylor Ratcliffe. Gatorade, Powerade, and water are all popular drinks for replenishing electrolytes after a hard workout session or long day. Now, there's a new product on the line unlike any of the others: Nuun. Nuun replenishes electrolytes, but rather than being in a sports bottle, it starts off in tablet form. The user adds the tablet to his or her drink, preferably water, and then ...

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Dubs for the W

Written and Media by Allyson Mitchell. Jeff Wardlaw (Coach Dubs) has been around the Greenville soccer programs since 2005. He's been the women’s head coach since 2012. Prior to being the head women’s coach, he was the graduate assistant for the men’s soccer team in 2005-2008. When he returned, he led the men’s team to three NCAA tournaments and two NCCAA conference tournament championship games. Wardlaw wa ...

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USA Wins the World Baseball Classic

Written and Media by Jesse Getz. Are you proud to be an American? Baseball fans all over the country were over joyed this week as the USA national team defeated the previously undefeated Puerto Rico team. Since the creation of the World Baseball Classic in 2005 this was not only the first time the United States have won the tournament but also the first time they made it to the finals. The last time the USA ...

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Intramural Madness

Written and Media by Joshua Robinson. The intramural basketball season is winding down and the playoffs are near. Some teams have been sent home and some teams survived the wildcard games. But they all know that only four teams will be able to participate in the playoffs. The past week’s games have been pretty interesting and exciting. Just like last month’s March Madness, there were some upsets, some close ...

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Molina or Posey?

Written and Media by Caleb Miles. Yadier Molina. Buster Posey. Two great names and future hall of famers. Two names every baseball fan knows. Two names every baseball fan wants behind the dish for their team. You won't, however, hear these two names in the same sentence without comparisons and arguments about who is better; whether it be all around, offensively, or defensively. It's no doubt that they will ...

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Athlete vs. World – Ep. 6

Media by Joseph Jeralds In the 6th episode of Athlete vs. World the hosts, Marideth and Bradley discuss how to break the stereotypes of athletes having bad relationships. Merideth talks about what to look for in a guy and Bradley talks about what to look for in a girl. There is a lot of knowledge and information shared. You don't want to miss this one! Thank you for tuning in and remember to leave a comment ...

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Top 3 Games I’ve Ever Coached

Written and Media by Allyson Mitchell. Greenville College women’s volleyball coach, Tom Ackerman, begins his 21st season this coming fall. He was an assistant coach for five years and head coach for the past 16 years. Ackerman changed the dynamic and culture of Greenville volleyball in an amazing way. Ackerman moved to Greenville, Ill. in 1985 when his mother took on the role as athletic secretary. He spent ...

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League of Legends Esports

Written and Media by Miguel Fabela. Welcome to Summoner's Rift! These are the first words you hear when entering the battlegrounds of "League of Legends". You’re probably asking yourself why is this article in the sports section when "League of Legends" is a video game played on a PC. Although that is true, it is considered to be in the category of an e-sport. The definition of an e-sport from Google is “a ...

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