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How Often Should Writers Write?

Written by Allison Perry. Media by Kelsey Middleton. As an aspiring writer with friends who love to write, I have had many debates concerning how often...

Kaufmann Building Grand Opening

Media and Article by Olivia Maurer and Courtney Murphy On April 28th, Greenville College officially opened the Kaufmann Building which will be a building dedicated...

Campus Profile: Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker

Written by Tabitha Rice. Media by Taylor Neal. Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker is the new full-time English professor at Greenville College. This fall, she is teaching...

A. LaFaye: Author, Professor and Inspiration

Written by Lauren Buser. Media by Baylen Whitfield. Alexandria LaFaye is a professor at Greenville College. She has a husband, five children, and two...

English Major Life: Why It’s Awesome

Written by Juliana Bringer. Media by Mary Todd Christian Deciding to become an English major can be difficult due to preconceptions and memories of high...

Upriver: Ch.11 “To China”

The Story So Far: Hiding in a tree, Iah and Vinny figure they are doomed for sure when one of Rattler Cole’s men looks up and calls out, “Found them!”

Upriver: Ch. 9 “The Storm”

The Story So Far: Eleven-year-old Iah Thomas just came up with a new plan for rescuing the kidnapped Vinny Hemshaw, who is stowed away in a crate in the hold of the Capitol.

Upriver: Ch. 8 “Wrestling with the Facts”

The Story So Far: Iah Thomas is feeling discouraged in his efforts to rescue Vinca Hemshaw, the kidnapped girl whom he has discovered tied up in a crate in the hold of the Capitol.

Upriver: Ch. 7 “Searching for a Plan”

The Story So Far: Eleven-year-old Iah Thomas has just discovered the kidnapped girl, Vinca Hemshaw, in the hold of the steamer! Now, with a second chance to help her, can he save her from the evil Rattler Cole?

Upriver: Ch. 6 “Wild Vinny”

The Story So Far: Down in the hold of the ship, Iah investigates a mysterious rubbing noise, but then he hears something far worse—a sound like seeds in a dried gourd being shaken. That can mean only one thing—the approach of Rattler Cole.