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Five Super Cool Awesome and Kawaii Anime to Watch

Warning: mild spoilers I’m here to acknowledge the great anime in past seasons and ongoing anime that should be watched by all....

Nani? There’s No Anime on Campus?

Anime fans can create new pictures like thisMedia- Antwon Knight When you hear the word anime, what shows...

Jump Force, An Otaku’s Dream Come True?

Dai performing his finishing moveMedia- Antwon Knight Jump Force is a brand new crossover fighting game developed by...

Castlevania: A Review

Vampires. That one word seems to be used with a lot of cliches and horror movies. I'm sure that you're so used...

YouTuber Spotlight: RDCworld1

Written by Josh Robinson. Media by Kayla Morton. Many people go on YouTube to search for videos that are funny or videos that will give you...

The End of Naruto

Written by Levi Jubelt.  Media by Paul Anderson. The Final Adventure of Naruto Long time running manga Naruto was recently given an end date to the series....

Yu Yu Hakusho Review

Anyone who grew up on the Toonami block should already be familiar with Yu Yu Hakusho. I remember watching bits and pieces of the first two seasons back in elementary school, after getting home. At some point while I was in middle school, I borrowed a large section of the series on DVD from a cousin. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the series, I realized that while I enjoyed the series originally, I hadn’t actually retained much from watching it on Toonami.

Ronin Warriors Review

Anyone whose read my previous reviews know that nostalgia plays a big role in my judgments. To be perfectly honest, the appeal to Ronin Warriors is almost completely fueled by nostalgia. Anyone who was raised on the Toonami block on Cartoon Network might remember this series. It was one of those hidden gems that passed the time between your arrival home from school, and the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

Spiral: The Bonds Of Reasoning Review

If you’re looking for an obscure, but engaging Anime series to watch, look no further! Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning was one of the first non-Toonami series I ever watched, and is largely what led me to dive into Anime.

Clannad Review

To start, I’d like to declare that Clannad is my personal favorite anime series of all time. That isn’t to say that everyone will absolutely love this series, but it is definitely worth at least a try, especially if you’re into the slice of life genre.