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God’s Story, Our Song: Part 2

Written by Jessica Ulrich. Media by Cord Buchanan. As I study Scripture and discern my calling, I want to hold the whole story of God,...

Christmas: More Than a Holiday

Written by Hope Brakenhoff. Media by Sara Dawson. The sound of your favorite Christmas song comes on and immediately the first thought many people have...

Meet Kieley Leach

Written by Kaylie Weideman. Media by Joseph Wood. Kieley Leach is a graduate assistant for the Greenville University Women’s Soccer team. She was an undergraduate...

Get to Know Your Residence Life

Written by Ivy Lyons. Media by Paige Lunde. As an RC this year, I hope to present the college with an opportunity to get to...

The Cause of Christ

Written and Media by Kristyn Ewing. There are many causes to give to this Christmas season. The Salvation Army, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and ToysForTots are just a few. It's crucial...

The Example of Bob Goff

Written by Nate Wieland. Media by Maggie Schoepke. Feature image from jubileeconference.com Paul confidently proclaims in his epistle to the Corinthians, "Follow my example, as I...

Copy, Paste

Written by Jake Cannon. Media by Jake Cannon. There is nothing new under the sun. I'm sure you've heard this phrase before cleverly inserted into...

Love Your Enemy: Why I am a Pacifist

n his 2011 Society of Vineyard Scholars presentation, Jev Forsberg states that “the topic of violence has been on the minds and in the hearts of Christ-followers since the climactic birth of the Christian movement: the violent death of Christ on a Roman cross.”

Christian Liturgy: Time of Perversion or Inversion?

In chapter nine of his work, Holy Things, A Liturgical Theology, Gordon Lathrop juxtaposes the Christian liturgy in light of society. In doing so, Lathrop demonstrates that Christian liturgy “wishes to call us to God and especially to God’s grace known in Jesus Christ, and wishes to propose that grace to this world”.[1] Simultaneously, however, Christian liturgy attempts to point us away from our meeting on Sunday and towards Christ in the everyday.

Let’s Talk Lifestyle

"Greenville College is a community in which individuals join together to further their academic achievement, personal development, and spiritual growth. Together we seek to honor Christ by integrating faith and learning while our hearts and lives reflect mature Christian practice."