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Pewdiepie vs. The Media

Written by Tristin Campbell. Media by Bre Pollitt. For those who are highly involved in the YouTube community, this is a chaotic time. The site's...

Why You Should Watch Star Wars

 Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by John Freeman. There’s been an awakening.  Have you felt it?  There’s a bunch of new Star Wars movies that...

Star Wars Female Role Models

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy. The “Star Wars” franchise has always been criticized, like many other sci-fi movies, for its lack of...

The Jungle Book Returns

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy. “Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!” But it’s not “The Wizard of Oz” bringing them to...

Indiana Jones and the Fifth Movie

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy. Spoiler alert: Harrison Ford’s character, Han Solo, died in the newest “Star Wars” movie. Some fans have...

A Tale as Old as Time at the Fox

Written by Rachel Jones. Media by Courtney Murphy. A Disney lover’s dream comes to life as the classic “Beauty and the Beast” hits the stages...

Fairytale Adaptations: The Real Stories

Written by Rebecca Oldham. Media by Rebekah Dothager. Whether it was our grandparents telling us bedtimes stories, or our siblings showing us Disney movies, we...

Will All Timeless Disney Classics Turn into Live Action Movies?

Written by Katie Schmierbach.  Media by Stephen Hillrich. On Thursday April 2, 2014, Disney released information regarding a new live-action movie. The A.A. Milne classic,...

To Infinity and Beyond!

When Avalanche Software and Disney Interactive released Toy Story 3: The Video Game in 2010, expectations were low. Actually, that’s an overstatement. There simply were no expectations. It’s long been known among gamers that, much like game-to-film transitions, film-to-game transitions are almost always abysmal. When those who were brave enough to try out the new Toy Story game got to actually playing it, though, they found themselves enjoying one of the most inventive, purely enjoyable gaming experiences of that year – the rare movie game that was successful, largely because Avalance felt no need to rehash the story people surely already saw in the film and instead gifted the world with a creation known, quite fittingly, as the “Toy Box.”

GC Speaks: Second Edition

Welcome to the 2nd issue of GC Speaks! This is where we ask the questions and YOU get to see what your fellow students had to...