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5 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorating eggs has been a Easter tradition for centuries, as eggs symbolize new life. There are many different ways to decorate eggs based on your own personal taste. From tie dye to glitter to glow in the dark eggs, the options are endless.

Noah: To See or Not to See

This article has taken me a while to write. I wanted to do more research before writing, and I wasn't exactly sure how to write this article in the first place. Going to school at Greenville has taught me to be open minded, and the Film and Lit. class I'm in right now has taught me a lot about adapting novels/stories to film. Maybe that is why I actually liked the movie.

On Easter’s Christian Messages: Giving Meaning Back to an Increasingly Secular...

Written by Halie Miller. Media by Kelsey Kuethe. Easter has come and gone. Like Christmas, tradition has set aside one specific day dedicated to rejoicing our salvation’s assurance before we rapidly continue into new revelries and seasons of the church. However, it’s important that, as Christians, Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection lead us in year-round celebration and serve as motivation toward evangelism. Although Easter is a fixture in the lives of most Americans, the need for Christians to celebrate (and so share) the holiday’s meaning throughout the year grows more important with the rise of a secular Easter. Easter’s primary identity as a Christian celebration of Jesus’s resurrection (whether or not one wishes to debate that other religions and ancient areas had their own spring celebrations which have been entwined with the Christian holiday), we understand. Diversity of religion and custom, however, has created many of the Easter symbols people so often today mislabel as “secular,” leading some to separate Easter from its true meaning. Most symbols and traditions, even those not originally rooted in Christianity (such as hunting eggs), have religious or spiritual significance. Originally a pagan symbol of Earth’s rebirth, hunting eggs was adopted by Christians to symbolize the rebirth of man, the eggs being like Jesus’s tomb. Our famous Easter Bunny (originally the Easter Hare) appeared later in the 17th century, originated by Germanic Lutherans as a judge of children’s behavior at the beginning of the Easter Season (the season of the Church lasting from Easter Sunday until Pentecost Sunday). The tradition of the Easter Bunny hiding eggs was written off for the first time by Georg Franck von Franckenau. A German botanist and physician, he mentioned it as tradition of the Alsace region of France.