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Beyond the Bachelors – Kelly Rae Romoser

Standing on the stage in the Recital Hall at Whitlock Music Center is a comfortable spot for Kelly Rae Romoser. From that spot a week ago she delivered a message in Vespers on the generosity of a servant. Two years ago, as a senior, Kelly’s now husband proposed in that spot. For threeyears as a student at Greenville College, Kelly stood in that spot and led worship in chapel and Vespers countless times.

Crafternoon Delight: jewelry tree

Good Crafternoon, fellow DIY-ers! If there’s one thing in this world that I love it is crafting, so I’m beyond excited to be sharing some craftiness with you all over the coming months. I love all sorts of DIY projects, but my absolute favorite ones are those that serve a purpose as well as being just plain cute. Dual purpose awesomeness…it just doesn’t get any better than that, am I right?! This month, I’m sharing with you a project I did a few months ago and it is still sitting pretty in my room today—I love it that much! This artfully decopauged jewelry tree will display all of your favorite jewels while bringing a totally eclectic vibe to your room’s décor!