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Lunch Re-make

We’ve all been there. It’s the same old going to the DC, looking around and feeling like there is no variety day in and day out. There are the same choices, and the same long lines. The repetition starts to get old, but many people find ways to be creative and try to escape the pattern of eating the same thing everyday.

Haunting Halloween Desserts

Written by Debra Eddy. Media by Kelsey Neier. When anyone thinks of Halloween, they think of candy, chocolate, and popcorn balls. The desserts in this article take...

Favorite Fall Desserts

Fall is the season for bonfires, falling leaves, and great comforting desserts. These five fall desserts will not only make you crave more, they will become recipes you pass down to friends and family.

Best of Jo’s

Written by Debra Eddy. Media by Kelsey Neier. Within our own campus located in the Dietzman building lies our local gem, Jo’s Java. When you need a coffee or a delicious jolt, than look no further than within Jo’ Java. Jo’s Java is a cool comfortable communal place where you can meet your friends and sip a hot coffee on a cool day or a cool drink on hot day.

What Flavor Of Shaved Ice Are You?

Have you ever been to Nick’s Shaved Ice, down by IGA? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. With spring coming into full swing and summer just around the corner, it’s a great time to head outside and enjoy the warm weather, even if you do have to dodge the raindrops.

People to Look for at Junior and Senior

With Jr/Sr right around the corner I thought it would be good to inform everyone of the different people you may meet. Whether this is your first time going to Jr/Sr or your last, I think this list will be most helpful for those that would rather people watch than dance (I'll admit, guilty as charged!) Without further ado, the top five people you will likely meet at this event are:

An Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest is hands down one of the most addicting websites/social media places as of late. There is so much someone can do while exploring around the site. Not only does it include yummy recipes, but handy DIY for all ages! I love getting creative ideas just by browsing and searching for certain topics. Because of this, I decided to venture out and create three of the popular trends I see repinned on my homepage.

No More DC Ice Cream

The Dining Commons are notorious for being students’ least favorite place to eat, but their newest health measure has raised the bar to a whole new level. As of Monday of next week, the Dining Commons will remove the soft-serve ice cream machine from the dessert table…...permanently.

Campus Profile: Chris

Who do you know that smiles at everything no matter what is going on? Who knows probably every student by name? Who does everyone look forward to seeing when they go to the DC to eat? If you did not answer Chris to all of these questions, then you probably haven't been to Greenville College in the past four years.

Cuisine And Culture

t really doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to filling that cross-cultural requirement. This past interterm, I was privileged to be in the first-ever Cuisine and Culture class, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. What better way to learn about other cultures than to experience their foods firsthand?