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NFL Playoff Race

Written by Matt Miller, Media by Matt Miller As we approach the final few weeks of regular season play in the NFL the question comes...

Excessive Celebration, or Religious Tribute?

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Matt Miller. On September 29th the Kansas City Chiefs played against the New England Patriots in Kansas City, MO...

Battaglia, Silva, Take Player of the Week Honors as Panthers Rock...

Written & Media by Joe Hubbs On senior day, in front of a large homecoming crowd, the Panthers, triggered by a Joey Silva interception late...

Alumni Game Marks Timeline of Community for GC Football

Written and Media by Joseph Hubbs. The alumni game is a college and high school tradition in which older players come back and compete in...

Ray Rice, the NFL, and Domestic Violence

Written by Andrea Martin. Media by Matt Miller In the wake of NFL player Ray Rice being cut by the Baltimore Ravens and indefinitely suspended...

Despite Penalties, Panthers Top Martin Luther 23-14

Written by Joe Hubbs. Media by Matt Miller. A run heavy game in which neither team could avoid mistakes, the Panthers came back in the...

Panthers Claim Win in High Scoring Marathon

Written by Joe Hubbs. Media by Jack Wang. On a high scoring day of football, the Panthers beat MacMurray  63-44 this past Saturday Oct. 4....

Panthers Fall in Season Opener to Millikin, 66-24

Written & Media by Joe Hubbs On a wet, dreary Saturday Sept. 6, the Panthers took a big loss to the Big Blue on their...

Just Play, don’t Bully

Everyone knows about kids getting bullied, but what about the grown men in the NFL? Rookies in football are often subjected to hazing and mistreatment from veteran football players, and almost nothing is being said or done about it.

The Barbershop: NFL Week 11

There always comes a time when a person has to realize that the end is near. Well the NFL regular season is almost over. I came to this realization this Monday when I witnessed a Stuffies commercial on a nationally televised program. But we will get into that later.