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Greenville College: A Freshman’s Perspective

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton. Greenville College has been an amazing experience for me as a freshman. I learned about relationships, faith,...

Diverse Themes in “Jane The Virgin”

Article by Emma Canady. Media by Courtney Murphy. According to GLAAD’s recent survey of television diversity, 2015 was the most diverse year for TV. However, there...

Brotherhood Through Nerdiness

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton. Those who play online or role-playing games are often labeled as “nerds." An antisocial personality can sometimes...

Media Madness

It’s bedtime, and just as I’m starting to fall asleep I’m blinded by what seems to be the light of one thousand suns. I look over my pillow and see something lit up, my phone. The urge grows stronger as I fight to sleep but can’t stop thinking about the notification that has popped up. Who texted me? What if it’s an emergency? I have to know. Once again my body loses out on much needed sleep as I reach over and find out it’s just a notification for a game.