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Adam and Jake Homework Break Episode 33 – The Allen Miller...

Hosted by Adam Crouch and Jake Cannon, featuring the Allen Miller Band. In this episode, Adam and Jake interview the Allen Miller Band and discuss the Wienerpocalypse, lion tacos, and force feeding to get fat. Tweet to Adam, Jake, and the official podcast account on Twitter. Check out the Allen Miller Band on Youtube.

Ironman 3 Review

Written by Tyler Lamb; Media by Zach Bonner. Marvel has really made a name for themselves outside of the comic book realm with their (mostly)tied together cinematic universe. It all started out with the amazing, and to this day one of the best comic book movies of all time, Iron Man back in 2008. Phase one was finally completed with The Avengers last May. This May, we are treated with the beginning of Marvels phase 2, which will end with Avengers 2 but is starting with Iron Man 3. Will Iron Man be able to carry his own film after the very successful Avengers? Can he come back from the bomb that was Iron Man 2? The short answer, not really.

Ravenhill Delivers The “Soul”

Written and media by Jake Cannon. It’s hard to come by good rock and roll nowadays in the world of pop, auto-tune, and Lady Gaga. You can hardly find any truly good music with some soul. That’s where southern Illinois band, Ravenhill, steps in. Ravenhill has its humble beginnings in the lowly southern Illinois region, (in)famous for being a “quaint rural area,” according to the all-powerful Wikipedia. In an interview with Geek Sheek, front man Joshua Clifton said, “We started off with two of us and a friend in my living room after our other bands had ended with an acoustic [guitar], an air organ and a plastic tub just writing and experimenting with some songs for the fun of it.” Thus, Ravenhill was born.

NBA Playoffs Update

Written by Ryan Cole & Media by Mikey Ward. NBA Playoff Update (April 22) The first wave of playoffs games came to a close late Sunday night with every home team stealing the first victory. From a buzzer beater finish in one series, to a blowout in another, the beginning of the playoffs has started with a bang and we are here to keep you informed!

Adam and Jake Homework Break Episode 22 – Hip Deloy, Angry...

In this episode, Adam and Jake discuss zombie cologne, frozen vultures and angry beavers. Make sure to go see Three From Thebes tonight and tomorrow night at the Factory Theatre. Tickets are $5 and the show starts at 7:30. The Fireside Chat on tuition is April 22nd at 9:30. You can follow Adam, Jake and the official podcast account on Twitter.

Go Travel! Go Serve! Go-ED!

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Digital Media by Jessica Sturgeon. Ever thought about spending a semester abroad? Maybe you’ve been interested, but have no idea what programs are out there, if your major will let you, or if it’s your calling, you know, the usual over thinking. Thankfully, there's a solution to this problem. Go-ED is a semester long program that can help you answer some of those questions.

World in Briefs (4.1.2013)

Written by Kevin Dunne. Media by Bobby Williams. United Kingdom A few days before Easter, three sheep were being baaaaad, much like the nature of this...

New Orlean’s Mission Trip

Written by Heidi Koehl. Media by Kat Kelley. Over Spring break, a group of 10 students and 2 faculty members traveled to New Orleans to...

Adam and Jake Homework Break Episode 15 – BINGO! I Set...

Hosted by Adam Crouch and Jake Cannon featuring Josh Cannon. In this sing-along edition of the podcast Adam and Jake have their special 35th follower...

Spring Choir Tour 2013

On Friday, March 8, the Greenville College Choir loaded the bus behind Whitlock Music Center and began our spring break tour. We traveled through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas before stopping to sing in the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica on our way back to Greenville. Nearly every night, we stayed in the homes of church members. One of the best parts of choir tour is meeting wonderful people who open up their homes to us every night. Debates are still raging as to who had the best (or worst) host home stay—some choir members brag about trampolines or hot tubs and others fight over who had the most adorable dogs. We performed concerts every day except for one, in which we had the option to spend time  either at Six Flags over Texas or the Dallas Arts District. We also had the opportunity to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum; it was a powerful place. The Fort Worth Stockyards was another great stop during tour.