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Spring Choir Tour 2013

On Friday, March 8, the Greenville College Choir loaded the bus behind Whitlock Music Center and began our spring break tour. We traveled through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas before stopping to sing in the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica on our way back to Greenville. Nearly every night, we stayed in the homes of church members. One of the best parts of choir tour is meeting wonderful people who open up their homes to us every night. Debates are still raging as to who had the best (or worst) host home stay—some choir members brag about trampolines or hot tubs and others fight over who had the most adorable dogs. We performed concerts every day except for one, in which we had the option to spend time  either at Six Flags over Texas or the Dallas Arts District. We also had the opportunity to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum; it was a powerful place. The Fort Worth Stockyards was another great stop during tour.

The Creationism vs. Evolution Debate

Written by Suzanne Ford; Media by Kelsey Kuethe. Many people believe that creationism and evolution are about as similar as cats and dogs. There are dog people and there are cat people because the two animals have completely different traits (and dogs are clearly the more fun, loving, and superior pet). Likewise, many people stick to one belief or the other in the creationism versus evolution debate and they staunchly defend it. Here at Greenville College, we can make up our own minds on the subject. We are fortunate to be able to learn about both creationism and evolution when we take COR302. Some students believe that it should not be a required course, and some even say that believing in evolution undermines the fundamentals of our Christian faith. On the opposing side, some students believe that learning about evolution allows us to appreciate our God even more. Many of us might wonder which side is the right side to believe in as a Christian, or we might already be a firm believer in one or the other. Some people may not even care which theory is the right one because they have more important things to do, like tweet and watch Grey’s Anatomy. However, should there even be a debate between the two theories?

The Vegetarian Side of Meatless Mondays

It is hard to miss anything in a small town like Greenville, so when the whispers around campus scoffed about hippie liberals taking over the Greenville College Dining Commons, my interest peaked. To begin, it is necessary to claim my bias: I am a vegetarian. It is a part of me that I hold dear to my identity, but it is also a part I am learning to live with grace. So while the DC's Meatless Mondays don't faze me, I do question the motives. Meatless Mondays turn out to be not so meatless, as only the main line will be free of our fuzzy farm friends. The DC claims that the goal of the move towards Meatless Mondays is that students will improve their personal health. Even though it is not clearly stated, the underlying fact that the DC is a business leads me to believe that it is merely a financial decision. This diminishes the moral, ethical, and health-based values I place in my choice to not eat animals. I refer to it as "eating animals" because that is the title of the book by Jonathan Safran Foer that led me to pursue vegetarianism. I love the idea of our campus being more intentional and concerned with our diets, but starting with lacking motives can lead to nothing.

AgapeFest T-Shirt Contest

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The Death of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez, socialist dictator of the South American nation of Venezuela, has died. Chavez served as president of the country for 14 years and had been fighting the cancer that took his life for two years. His death was announced Tuesday by Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro. Though some looked at the man as a hero for the impoverished, many major nations, the United States definitely included, viewed Chavez as someone to watch out for, if not necessarily an enemy. An election for the now vacant presidency will be held within the month, and Nicolas Maduro is easily favorite to win that contest.

Adam and Jake Homework Break Episode 12 – SPRING BREAK

In this episode of Adam and Jake Homework Break, Adam and Jake discuss Monday's improv show, new Papyrus articles and the Today at GC email.

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Almost Alumni

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