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Murph’s Pitch Episode 33: NFL Draft

Written by Logan Murphy. Produced by Isaac Akers and Swade Edwards. Hello, Greenville! Murph’s Pitch is here to bring you all sports news and the like....

Chapel with Ryan Burge

Article by Courtney Murphy. Media by Caitlin Opp and Courtney Murphy. On Wednesday, April 26th, we had the pleasure of having Dr. Ryan Burge. Dr....

The Heat’s Approaching and So Is The Music

With summer creeping toward us, there are many things to be looking forward to. You know, those things you day-dream about all year in class when we should be listening to your prof? Well, day-dream no more! (At least after another week).. Because ‘tis the season for camping, swimming, getting your tan on and most importantly, MUSIC FESTIVALS!