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The Barbershop: The Final Chapter

Ah Yes, the NFL season is officially in the books, the hay is in the barn, it is OVA!! (Insert tears hear). With that being said, let’s reflect on the season that was.

The Best Players that Never Were: Careers Destroyed by Injury

For the past couple of seasons NBA fans have been deprived from enjoying the show of one its premier players, Derrick Rose. After being selected first overall in the 2008 NBA draft, Rose exploded into the NBA. Within three years of superb play Rose averaged 20.9 points per game, 6.7 assists, and was named an MVP. Just when the Bulls looked like they were becoming the best team in the Eastern Conference, Rose tore his ACL in a first round playoff game against the 76ers. The recovery period kept Rose out of the entire 2012-2013 season, and the Bulls learned to play without Rose.

The Barbershop: NFL Week 9

Week 9 NFL Winners and Losers

Shipping up to Boston: Red Sox Win World Series in Six

The World Series title is shipping up to Boston. The Red Sox won the Series Wednesday, closing the door on the Cardinals with a 6-1 victory in Boston.

Cards, Red Sox Battle in Historic World Series Clash

Written by Joe Hubbs & Media by Ryan St. Hill It’s decided. The Boston Red Sox and St Louis Cardinals will face off for the 2013 World Series title. Both clubs did away with their counterparts in the championship round and now the young Cardinals have a chance to avenge their 2004 team’s

The Barbershop: NFL Week 7

Ah Yes… 7 weeks of the National Football League are in the books. And Just when you think you have a grip on what the NFL season is going to look like, BAM!!, it just changes. The last two weeks have been filled with injuries, standing changes, and the Cardinals and Red Sox are in the World Series ( Not football related at all, but it is the World Series, I love the Red Sox so they make this blog). Now on to our winners and losers of the first 7 Weeks of the NFL season.

MLB Playoffs: After Exciting Division Series, Competitive Baseball Erupts in NLCS

Written and Media by Joe Hubbs No surprise. After a competitive divisional series round with no sweeps, the Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, and Cardinals have steamrolled into the league championship series. A big, bad, bearded Red Sox lineup took little time messing around with the Wild Card winning Rays. In four games with two blowout victories, including a record setting game

The Barbershop: NFL Week 5

Written by Isaac Barber & Media by Joe Hubbs This NFL season is nearly 1/3 of the way through. It has been a really surprising season for many teams and a really disappointing year for others. Now with the bye weeks hastily approaching, it will be interesting to see how many teams are making that “Post-Bye Week” push for the playoffs. With the first 5 weeks out of the way, it is not too late for anyone. However there are still winners and losers of this bi weekly installment of the Barbershop.

NHL: Let the Hitting Begin

On Tuesday October first, a brand new NHL season will start. ON TIME THIS YEAR!!! In anticipation of a normally scheduled season, the league has been playing its pre-season games, and there have already been fireworks. During the Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres game on September 22, a fight broke out when Buffalo sent out their enforcer, a player whose only real hockey talent is to fight, John Scott ,after the Leafs scored a goal and some jawing ensued.

MLB Playoffs: The Best Part of October

With only one week left of the regular season, and the competitive scent of October hovering sweetly over playoff bound teams, the MLB is ready for what should be a thrilling race to the World Series. While most divisions are already clinched, the central division in each league is still up for grabs, and the wild card games have yet to be decided. So what has made this season so intriguing? What is going to make this a great October? Let’s take a look at each division and see what to expect this postseason.