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College Life Hacks

It’s no secret that many college students have a busy schedule and this can be very overwhelming at...

How To Pass All Of Your Classes (Without Working Yourself Too...

Written by Ashley Chaney. Media by Joey Clinton. The start of a new semester can be an exciting, yet intimidating, tightrope-walk for many students. From...

To Study or Not and Where To: That is the Question

As college students we all know we have to study to achieve good grades, the question is where to with minimal or no distractions, if that is even possible. There are places on campus and off campus conducive to the art of studying and they are: the library, Jo’s Java, Whitlock building chapel lobby, the Student Union, and McDonalds.

Campus Profile: Georgann Kurtz-Shaw

Open your mind. That’s what Professor Georgann Kurtz-Shaw wishes for students that attend her COR 101 class. Prof. Kurtz-Shaw has been in and out of Greenville since 1991, only spending two of the years since then away- she and her husband went on sabbatical to Norway.

Winners of the 3rd Annual Book Art Contest

Written by Krissy Chapman. Digital Media by Jessica Sturgeon. The library was alive with scenes springing from the pages as the 3rd Annual Book Art Contest was on display in Ruby E. Dare Library. Contestants from two age groups, Junior/Senior High and College and Beyond, submitted art pieces created from repurposed library books. Books were cut, folded, and paint strewn to revive the worn pages. The panel of astute judges, professors Sharon Grimes, Jessa Wilcoxen, and Jake Amundson, announced the winning contestants this afternoon. “We judged contestants’ pieces on three basic categories,” said judge Jake Amundson, “the conceptual aspect of the piece, creative execution, and the relationship between the chosen book and the art piece. We’ve had some really creative combinations this year.”