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If the Sims Taught Home Ec

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy. About a decade ago, we were blessed (or cursed) with one of the internet’s many wonders: “The...

Social Anxiety and College Life

College can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be filled with enormous amounts of stress and anxiety. Young adults pack up their belongings, say goodbye to their loved ones and head off to start a new chapter in their lives. The first day of college is filled with meeting new people, trying to figure out where buildings are and realizing that a majority of your time will be spent doing homework. Here are some helpful tips to get you focused and excited for the school year ahead.

Overcoming Senior Stress

Written by Amanda Hermes. Media by Kelsey Neier. Overcoming senior stress… is it even possible? As the end of the year draws near, our final projects and tests become ever more imminent. It can feel like the world is ending as we sit at our desk at 3am drinking our 5th cup of coffee in efforts to stay awake. So what can we do to help manage the stress that comes from last minute projects and tests? After four years of college, I have learned a few tricks to do just that:

Shtuff Cubed: Tired of Hearing Shtuff!

  The boys talk about things they're tired of hearing around campus! Some things, everybody has probably heard more than too many times. And they...

Shtuff Cubed Podcast #9: Final Flashback!

The boys talk about the article Beyond the Bachelors, life decisions, deep questions, Ms. Morgan’s menu, life in college, and more!

A Response to Abortion: Why It’s Wrong

Written by David Justice. I would like to say upfront that in this article, my primary purpose is not to disagree with the article that I...