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MLB National League Division Race

Written and Media by Austin Brinkman  The National League(NL) Central has been one of the most dominant divisions in the MLB over these last few...

Yogi Berra, Hall of Fame Catcher, Passes Away

Article by Andrea Martin. Media by Katie Wallace. One of the great New York Yankees, Yogi Berra, passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at the age of...

I’m All About That Bass…Ball!!

Written by Alex Gruberman. Media by Ryan Dunn. It’s that time of the year again. Temperatures are rising, there is no more snow in the...

Wild Postseason Ends with Showdown of Wild Cards

Written & Media by Joe Hubbs When the postseason schedule was put together at the beginning of October, two slots remained TBD. Those slots were...

After Exciting Division Round, the ALCS and NLCS are Upon Us

Written & Media by Joe Hubbs With the Divisional Series concluded, four teams now fight in the League Championship Series for a chance to play...

The Legend of Derek Jeter

Written by Andrea Martin. Media by Tyler Lamb Derek Jeter. That name brings up countless memories for baseball fans alike. The 11th Captain of the...

Balls and Strikes now Challengeable: MLBPA Reports

Report- In midst of the new challenge plays in major league baseball, Commissioner Bud Selig has now confirmed that managers will have the ability to debate ball and strike calls throughout the game. In such a case, the confronting manager will ask the home plate umpire for a replay review. Both managers will then take out the folding table and chairs tucked in the backstop behind home plate, sit down, and have a debate on whether or not the pitch was a ball or strike.

MLB is Back! And with New Rules

Although a lot of regions in America are still trying to figure out why it is so cold, training camps in sunny Florida and Arizona are opened up, and Major League ball players are preparing for opening day. As Die hard baseball fans all hop on the Ozzie Smith bandwagon to make opening day a national holiday, smaller fans grow skeptical over all of the new changes implemented in the sport this offseason.

Shipping up to Boston: Red Sox Win World Series in Six

The World Series title is shipping up to Boston. The Red Sox won the Series Wednesday, closing the door on the Cardinals with a 6-1 victory in Boston.

Cards, Red Sox Battle in Historic World Series Clash

Written by Joe Hubbs & Media by Ryan St. Hill It’s decided. The Boston Red Sox and St Louis Cardinals will face off for the 2013 World Series title. Both clubs did away with their counterparts in the championship round and now the young Cardinals have a chance to avenge their 2004 team’s