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Powertalk! 600 seconds of it!

Hello! Welcome to our first installation of Powertalk! ...600 seconds of it... Yes we know this episode is a bit longer that 600 seconds......

Kill La Kill Anime Review

Before watching Kill la Kill I would have defined the words legendary and epic very differently, but Kill la Kill made such an impression on me that from here on out I will forever be reminded of Kill la Kill when an individual utters those words. From the fantastic animation, complimentary soundtrack, all the way to fantastical scenarios and enduring charm, Kill la Kill is an absolutely phenomenal piece of art from beginning to end.

Down Nostalgia Way

As college students, most of us appreciate movies. We are also at an age where we like to reminisce about what we sued to love in the past. In recent years, these two things have come together. Disney Pixar studios have started brining back movie franchises that have say dormant for a few years with some pretty significant success.

Get Out of Town: The Cheap Date

Dinner and a movie. The perfect date. Sadly, we all know that going out on a college budget can be a difficult task. Especially with the cost of a movie ticket averaging over $8 per ticket. Add that to a $25 plus meal. The night is getting pretty expensive pretty fast.

The Lego Movie Review

“Everything is Awesome.” These are the words that will come out of the mouth of about everybody who has seen The LEGO Movie when asked about it. I am here to inform you that that statement is inaccurate. It is NOT awesome. It is NOT a lot of things. For example, it is NOT just for children and it was NOT made for children. It is NOT a generic story with Legos thrown in. It is NOT boring. It is NOT dumb.

You Don’t Need a Movie (and here’s why)

Recently, in my Digital Media Seminar class, Professor Deloy Cole showed us an animated version of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. (You can view that here.) I just want to be clear, as I write this blog, that this sort of movie is not what I'm talking about. Little projects for school or for fun are totally fine. I don't think that even Bill Watterson would have too much of a problem with that. I'm talking more about something like this:

A Requiem for Paul Walker

Paul Walker may not have been an A-list actor or even someone at the top of most “favorite actors” lists. However, he put most of his career into a franchise that he helped build and bring to the top. His death was shocking to everyone, even the ones who didn’t pay his movies much attention.

“Ender’s Game” Review

Earth has seen better days. I mean it was decades ago that an insect-like alien race known as the “Formic” tried to colonize earth resulting in tens of millions getting killed. The only way earth overcame was the sacrifice of the brilliant military strategist Mazer Rackham. Things are different now. Instead of stocking up on Raid, Colonel Graff (played by Harrison Ford) has an idea. That idea is to use children as military commanders. Graff needs, nay, earth needs someone who is fearless, ruthless, cunning and empathetic. Someone who is able to understand the enemy and crush them with video game-like precision.

Greenville 50 Hour Film Festival

For the last five years, Greenville College has hosted a filmmaking-oriented event named the 50 Hour Film Festival. The concept seems pretty simple: we provide you with three simple motifs, and then you and your team make a short film over the weekend. If this kind of thing sounds appealing to you, then it is time to bust out the video camera and blow the dust off the old clapperboard because this year’s 50 Hour Film Festival is happening THIS weekend.

Sucked in by “Gravity”

Gravity has been garnishing a lot of buzz lately. Whether it’s being the #1 movie in North America for the past 3 weekends in a row, or just simply having an amazing current percentage of 97 on rottentomatoes and 96 on metacritic, Gravity has been the center of attention for almost a month. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Great Expectations) the movie stars George Clooney (Batman & Robin, Return of the Killer Tomatoes!) and Sandra Bullock (All About Steve, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Premonition) as astronauts on a seemingly routine trip to fix something with a satellite. While finishing up, they are informed of an accidental destruction of a Russian satellite with debris orbiting faster than initially expected, and from this point on Murphy's Law seems to take over for the rest of the movie.