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“Ender’s Game” Review

Earth has seen better days. I mean it was decades ago that an insect-like alien race known as the “Formic” tried to colonize earth resulting in tens of millions getting killed. The only way earth overcame was the sacrifice of the brilliant military strategist Mazer Rackham. Things are different now. Instead of stocking up on Raid, Colonel Graff (played by Harrison Ford) has an idea. That idea is to use children as military commanders. Graff needs, nay, earth needs someone who is fearless, ruthless, cunning and empathetic. Someone who is able to understand the enemy and crush them with video game-like precision.

Greenville 50 Hour Film Festival

For the last five years, Greenville College has hosted a filmmaking-oriented event named the 50 Hour Film Festival. The concept seems pretty simple: we provide you with three simple motifs, and then you and your team make a short film over the weekend. If this kind of thing sounds appealing to you, then it is time to bust out the video camera and blow the dust off the old clapperboard because this year’s 50 Hour Film Festival is happening THIS weekend.

Sucked in by “Gravity”

Gravity has been garnishing a lot of buzz lately. Whether it’s being the #1 movie in North America for the past 3 weekends in a row, or just simply having an amazing current percentage of 97 on rottentomatoes and 96 on metacritic, Gravity has been the center of attention for almost a month. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Great Expectations) the movie stars George Clooney (Batman & Robin, Return of the Killer Tomatoes!) and Sandra Bullock (All About Steve, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Premonition) as astronauts on a seemingly routine trip to fix something with a satellite. While finishing up, they are informed of an accidental destruction of a Russian satellite with debris orbiting faster than initially expected, and from this point on Murphy's Law seems to take over for the rest of the movie.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2

It’s been a long time since Flint Lockwood has been recognized for what he does. He’s been trying incredibly hard as of late. He just wants to be recognized as the great inventor that he is, like his hero Chester V, one of the greatest inventors of all time and founder of LiveCorp. But Flint may have gone overboard this time. After his invention, the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator (FLDSMDFR for short), nearly destroyed the world, maybe it was time for Flint to hang up his fabled inventors coat.

Insidious Chapter 2 – Where Is God?

This won't be your typical movie review. The first half will be dedicated to points one and two. The latter half to point three. It's especially important, as Christians, to examine movies that feature an afterlife, demons and ghosts because it only goes to prove the idea of what we believe: spiritual warfare is real.

Ironman 3 Review

Written by Tyler Lamb; Media by Zach Bonner. Marvel has really made a name for themselves outside of the comic book realm with their (mostly)tied together cinematic universe. It all started out with the amazing, and to this day one of the best comic book movies of all time, Iron Man back in 2008. Phase one was finally completed with The Avengers last May. This May, we are treated with the beginning of Marvels phase 2, which will end with Avengers 2 but is starting with Iron Man 3. Will Iron Man be able to carry his own film after the very successful Avengers? Can he come back from the bomb that was Iron Man 2? The short answer, not really.

What to Gather From the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer (or...

Written by Logan Welliver; Media by Zach Bonner I never thought that I would be as excited for Into Darkness as I am right now. To give back ground on the subject, my escapades with Star Trek began in 2009, when the first Star Trek movie came out. Overall, I thought it was an alright movie; it had good production value, it was an entertaining movie, and given the fact that it has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, I think many people would agree. But not long after I had seen the movie, as with many other mediocre movies, it completely left my mind.

Iron Man 3 Premiere

Written by Hoss Dossett. Media by Kat Kelley. We fell in love with Iron Man almost as fast as he fell in love with himself. For some of us, this was a beautiful metamorphosis from comic book hero to film champion. For others, watching Robert Downey Jr. become Tony Stark was a magical first. Regardless of where you find yourself along that line, it is likely you are a fan and you probably made an Iron Man suit out of cardboard back in 2008 and you probably repainted it in 2010 and you have probably worn it in the basement a lot since then – probably too much. To you, I say, “Be of good cheer, for the Globe is near.” In other words . . .

Avatar 2: Under Water Motion Capture

Written by Logan Welliver; Media by Zach Bonner.When it was announced that the top-earning movie of all time was getting a sequel I was less than surprised. What production company wouldn’t produce a sequel, and trilogy, out of a movie that earn over 2 billion dollars worldwide?

Christians Rated R: Part II (How)

Last week, in response to the Papyrus opening up the entertainment section to reviewing rated “R” films, Austin Schumacher posted an article providing an argument why Christians should engage such films, even when they have received this rating because of objectionable or offensive content such as gruesome violence, blatant sexuality, or profane language. In this he cites reasons of the need to portray the reality of life in art - life can definitely be gruesome, blatant, and profane at times - as well as the fact that our sacred texts include stories with similar content. In discussions with me, Austin thought that I would do well at providing a part II to his initial article on “why” Christians should engage these types of film, and therefore, I have been drafted into tackling the idea of “how” Christians should go about this engagement. I have decided to go about this by first developing a theoretical model for engagement that can apply to all types of art - not just film - and then take the model and practically apply it to an “R” rated film to provide an example of how this theory works in practice. The application will come in the final installment of “Christians Rated R” next week, and this week I will focus on the theoretical aspect of engaging art. Because I’m splitting this into two weeks, this week’s article may seem to stray a bit on the broad side - away from films specifically - but hang with me until next week, and I hope it will begin to make a bit of sense.