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If Greenville College Was A Movie

Written and Media by Katie Wallace. Inspired by Jake Amundson and Jon Stamm's Digital Video I class. Have you ever wondered who would play our...

It Only Takes A Spark

On Friday, March 28th, a spark landed on the Greenville College. Thanks to the efforts of GCSA, students were treated to speakers throughout the day who spoke about different aspects of leadership. The day started off in Chapel with author Jeff Shinabarger, author of More or Less. He spoke on the topic of generosity and what it meant in terms of being leaders.

Let’s Talk Lifestyle

"Greenville College is a community in which individuals join together to further their academic achievement, personal development, and spiritual growth. Together we seek to honor Christ by integrating faith and learning while our hearts and lives reflect mature Christian practice."

“Late Nights with Adam Crouch” Hosts the Homecoming Parade

Kicking off an upcoming GC video show, Late Nights with Adam Crouch, Adam "BopBop" Crouch was joined by Brian Gertler of The Allen Miller Band to host this year's Greenville Homecoming parade. Sharing their thoughts and experiences concerning their parade and even getting interviews with Norm Hall and our own Haley Fahrner, this is a fantastic way to check out the parade if you did not have the good fortune to be there. Heck, even if you were there, you should check it out because these guys are AWESOME!!

A Constitution Day Challenge

I knew I was in for a treat as I gazed across the faces of the students and faculty gathered at the Fireside Chat held on the evening of Tuesday, September 17. The smell of smoke wafted through the air and fire flickered while we settled in for an intimate conversation with Dr. Theresa Holden. President Ivan Filby - dressed noticeably more casual than usual, GCSA President Nathan Hood, Dean of Students Norm Hall, and a mix of upper- and lowerclassmen were in attendance for the required Constitution Day conversation. Required?

Fireside Chat: Let’s Talk About Tuition

By Krissy Chapman. Media by Jessica Sturgeon. Monday night in the Upper Union, President Randy Bergen hosted the last Fireside Chat of the school year. It was no surprise to students that the topic of conversation was the recent increase of tuition for the 2013-2014 school year, and students came prepared with questions. In fact, it was one of the biggest turnouts for Fireside Chat this year with about 35 students in attendance. President Randy Bergen, along with his cabinet, Michael Ritter, Brad Shaw, Walter Fenton, and Norm Hall, answered student questions with transparency and insight. Topics of the night spanned from detailed description of the budget and future planning, to more lighthearted topics like cable in the dorm rooms.