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College Life Hacks

It’s no secret that many college students have a busy schedule and this can be very overwhelming at...

Why I Love Cards Against Humanity

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Jon Friedman. "Vigilante justice," "edible underpants," "fiery poops," and "a home video of Oprah sobbing into a Lean Cuisine."...

Get Creative! D.I.Y. Ideas for Pumpkins

Article and media by Charley Phillips Fall is in full swing and many people are purchasing pumpkins for their seasonal decor. One of the best things about...

Pinterest DIY: Fall Edition

Article and media by Charley Phillips. Ahh, here it is again. One of my favorite seasons arrived as of September 22nd...fall! There is nothing more...

An Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest is hands down one of the most addicting websites/social media places as of late. There is so much someone can do while exploring around the site. Not only does it include yummy recipes, but handy DIY for all ages! I love getting creative ideas just by browsing and searching for certain topics. Because of this, I decided to venture out and create three of the popular trends I see repinned on my homepage.

Podcast ShtuffCubed: Bathroom-Cast!

The boys are back! Except this time, things get a little flushy. Get cozy for a special episode in the Joy Hall bathroom! Talking about the best apps to ever happen to the mobile world!

Top 5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

As technology continues to advance so do the ideas of app developers. There are many different apps to choose from in all different genres. Whether you’re creative, a fashionista, sports fanatic, social media junkie or the king or queen of selfies, there are plenty of apps to suit your own personal taste. Here are ten of my favorite apps that I absolutely can’t live without.

GC Speaks: Social Media

For many of us, social media is as much a part of our lives as eating, doing homework, and going to class. We’re checking alerts, updating our status, and commenting on the finer aspects of our life. So, if it’s such a normal aspect of what we do every day, should we consider using it during the times that it’s normally not allowed? How might that benefit us, and how might it prove to be more trouble than it’s worth?